Bachelor of Physical Education & Sports (BPES)

Department of Sports Yog Science and Physical Education

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Program Outline

The learning outcomes-based curriculum framework for a B.P.E.S degree in Physical Education is intended to provide a broad framework within which Physical Education programme responds to the needs of students and requirements The framework is expected to assist in the maintenance of standard and uniformity   of Physical Education degrees across the country. This will also help in periodic programme review within a broad framework of agreed expected graduate attributes, qualification descriptors, programme learning outcomes and course-level learning outcomes. The framework, does seek to bring about uniformity in syllabi for a programme of study in Physical Education, teaching-learning process as well as learning assessment procedures. However, the framework is also intended to allow flexibility and innovation in programme design.

Eligibility & Admission

  • Duration: 3 years (6 semesters) full time programme 
  • Total Marks: 3200
  • Total Credits: 124
  • Eligibility: HSC Pass out with minimum 45%.
  • Admission will be through MGM Entrance Test.
  • Medium: English and Marathi.
  • Total Seats: 30 per Batch.
  •  Total Fees: –20,000/- per year (University Fees Separate)

Program Objectives

Physical education is not only concerned with the physical outcome that accrue from participation in physical activities but also the development of knowledge and attitude conducive to lifelong learning and participation in motor activities. The overall aim of bachelor’s degree programme in Physical Education is;

  1. The acquisition and refinement of motor skills,
  2. To equip the students with the scientific knowledge of body response to various types of exercise.
  3. Maintenance of fitness for optimal health and wellbeing.
  4. Attainment of knowledge and the growth of positive attitude towards physical activity and sports.

Learning Outcome

This would lead the students to understand historical concept of physical education and relationship between Philosophy, Education and Physical Education. The student would further understand the theoretical implications of philosophies of physical education with modern development and social aspects of Physical Education.

  1. The curriculum would enable the pass out to select the inherited talented children for various sports activities.
  2. The pass out shall be able to orient children in schools with the fundamental skills of selected sports as per their inherited potential.
  3. The pass out shall be able to devise training program for athletes engaged in different sports activities
  4. The curriculum shall enable them to officiate, supervise various sports tournaments and orient them in organizing sports events at all levels.
  5. The curriculum would enable the pass out students to be entrepreneur (to start their own fitness center, gym, spa etc.) and device appropriate fitness program for different genders and age groups of people.
  6. The curriculum would enable the pass out to devise training program for physically challenged peoples.