B. Tech. Cosmetic Technology

Institute of Biosciences & Technology

Program Outline

The program aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of science behind cosmetic technology while also looking at how to succeed in a career in the medical or cosmetic industry. In this program, you will learn about the formulation, manufacturing, analysis and marketing of functional products. This area is mainly dependent on the subject of Chemistry andincludes studying raw materials, testing methods and laboratory procedures available worldwide. The program covers all the aspects of Cosmetic Chemistry,
Anatomy and Physiology

Key Features

The course is designed to build a strong foundation comprising of theoretical knowledge as well as specialized practical trainingto advance the science of cosmetic and toiletries with special emphasis on preparations from herbal and natural origin.

Program Structure

  • The four-year program has 175 choice-based credits to equate the professional degree
  •  Specialized experimental training with special attention to each individual through the ‘Exploration Workshop’
  • Special Open Elective courses for students per semester
  • Specialized labs with highly automated instruments
  • Interactive learning with e-classrooms
  • A complete package with an idea about various fields associated with biotechnology and life sciences