B. Tech. Biotechnology

Institute of Biosciences & Technology

Program Outline

The program focuses on understanding how biochemical knowledge and processes can be applied to realworld situations, learning about the use of biological organisms, processes or systems to perform specific industrial processes, developing a solid understanding of science, technology and business management. Biotechnology creates a vital link between biology and technology. Our program covers all aspects of the applied biochemistry and biotechnology industries, including commercialising technology, entrepreneurship, and intellectual property and patents, with lectures and case studies from business leaders and academics.

Key Features

In this program, you can study modules relating to microbial, plant and animal biotechnology:

  • Microbial – learn how to apply microorganisms to medicine, food, pharmaceutical, and environment
  • Plant – genetically modify plants to increase crop growth and make them disease resistant
    B.Tech. Biotechnology• Animal – understand the physiology and nutrition of animals to apply new technologies like CRISPR to
    improve, growth, welfare, and develop new disease treatments
    In this program, you can:
  • Choose the aspects of biotech that interest you most.
  • Work with entrepreneurs -Undertake a group enterprise project involving collaboration with entrepreneurs
    to develop a business plan for a real-life sciences product or service
  • In 3rd year, you can choose from a wide range of optional modules and complete a research project or
    dissertation involving a significant element of biotechnology.
  • You can also apply for a year in industry with a range of employers including pharmaceutical companies,
    medical research institutes, environmental organisations and professional services networks

Program Structure

The four-year program has 175 choice-based credits to equate the professional degree

  • Specialized experimental training with special attention to each individual through the ‘Exploration Workshop’
  • Special Open Elective courses for students per semester
  • Specialized labs with highly automated instruments
  •  Interactive learning with e-classrooms
  • A complete package with an idea about various fields associated with biotechnology and life sciences