B. Tech. Biomedical Engineering

Institute of Biosciences & Technology

Program Outline

Biomedical engineering degree program focuses on including engineering practices in the medical world. It is a cross disciplinary program including engineering, biology & medicine. This branch of Science and engineering is an enthralling multidisciplinary area of study that involves the application of engineering techniques to help practitioners like physicians and doctors in their healthcare practices. Develop a solid understanding of science, technology and business management. The program aims to build the knowledge and skills required to solve the problems in biology & medicine. It teaches to design instruments and develop new procedures to carry out research needed to solve biomedical problems

Key Features

Our B.Tech Biomedical Engineering incorporates the designing and technicality of engineering for a better health maintaining analytics, tracking and treatment. We are focusing on how to succeed in a career in the medical researcher, Scientist and content developer. This course implements the mixture of expertise in medical science and engineering. Hence, it tends to bridge the gap between the two fields. It primarily utilizes physical science concepts to comprehend biological entities. The course involves application of technology and problem-solving ability in the healthcare and medical industry for its advancements.
B. Tech in BME is a blend of engineering field with the medical field that certainly has a vast scope in the coming future. In your third year you have increased freedom to follow your own interest by choosing from wide range of optional modules and completing a research project or dissertation involving a significant element of biomedical engineering. We combine world-class facilities with the very best practitioners, helping you set the agenda for future technologies in the biomedical sector in which we specialize. The focus is to develop innovative methods using approaches in biology, implants, processes so as to help in the diagnosis & prevention of numerous diseases

Program Structure

  • Four-year program with 175 choice-based credits to equate the professional degree
  • Specialized experimental training with special attention to each individual through the ‘Exploration Workshop’
  •  Special Open Elective courses for students per semester
  • Specialized labs with highly automated instruments
  •  Interactive learning with e-classrooms
  • A complete package with an idea about various fields associated with biotechnology and life sciences