Vision and Mission Of Mechanical Engineering (M.Tech.)

Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College (JNEC)


To establish the state of the art learning center in Mechanical Engineering which will impart global competence, enterprising skills, professional attitude and human values in the student.


  1. To impart quality technical education to the students.
  2. To develop comprehensive competence in the students through various modes of learning.
  3. To enable students for higher studies and competitive examinations.
  4. To facilitate students and industry professionals for continuous improvement and innovation. 


[1] Use core competence acquired in various areas of Mechanical Engineering to solve techno-managerial issues for creating innovative products that lead to better livelihoods & economy of resources. 

[2] To establish themselves as effective collaborators and innovators to address technical, managerial and social challenges. 

[3]To equip students for their professional development through lifelong learning and career advancement along with organizational growth.

[4] Serve as a driving force for proactive change in industry, society and nation.


Student should have

  1. An ability to work professionally in mechanical systems including design, analysis, production, measurement and quality control.
  2. An ability to work on diverse disciplinary tasks including manufacturing, materials, thermal, automobile, robotics, mechatronics, engineering software tools, automation and computational fluid dynamics.