Industry Collaboration

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Collaboration with Industrial Organisations/Associations

  1. Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Marathwada Zonal Council. MGM Institute of Management & Research and CII have organized many promotional and educational events in collaboration. These ventures have given great exposure to our students not only in organizing corporate events but also in networking and understanding the functioning of the corporate world. CII has been helping our students to find suitable companies for their project work and by providing guest speakers to the Institute.
  2. Chamber of Marathwada Industry and Agriculture (CMIA). CMIA is the most reputed organization of Marathwada. The institute has a very healthy relationship with this organization. We have conducted joint projects and our students have gained a lot from the events conducted by CMIA in which we have participated.
  3. National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM). NIPM is a prominent organization of HRM professionals. Student chapter of NIPM has been set up in the institute. NIPM has given financial assistance to needy students. Many events like guest lectures and personality development programs have been conducted by NIPM in the institute. HRM professionals assist our students in their project and research work.
  4. Indian Society for Training and Development (ISTD). ISTD organized two major events in the institute in the last two years. ISTD quiz competition and ‘ISTD Regional Conference and Skill Development Workshop’ were organsied with great success. Many of our students and faculties attended the program which was conducted by renowned resource persons. ISTD is proactive in arranging guest lectures by resource persons from the industry.
  5. Aurangabad Management Association (AMA). AMA has been conducting monthly lectures/talks by highly renowned persons from various fields. Our faculties and students have benefitted immensely from these motivational speeches by industrial stalwarts.
  6. All India Management Association (AIMA). AIMA is a national level institute engaged in the upliftment of management education in the country. The institute is a member of AIMA. Our faculties have been attending the training events and programs organsied by AIMA.
  7. Quality Circle Forum of India (QCFI). QCFI organizes many events related to quality enhancement in industry. Some of the events have been conducted in our institute where in our students have participated and done well. Office bearers of QCFI have been invited for guest lectrures and they help the institute in organizing industrial Visits for our students.
  8. Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs (IICA). IICA is an organization at the national level controlled by the Minstry of Corporate Affairs. The institute has signed a MoU with IICA and some faculties were trained at IICA for Entrepreneurship Development. Students and faculties can attend their training programs at their campus at Gurugram.

Collaboration with Industry

  1. MGM Institue of Management & Research has signed many memoranda with the local industrial Units. The MoUs are primarily meant for the following:
  • To provide opportunities to the students for their project work in industry.
  • To collaborate in research projects.
  • To provide guest speakers.
  • To give consultancy assignments.
  • To give placements to the students.

MoUs have been signed with the companies as shown in the Table below:


Sr. Name of the Company Remarks
a. Kadam Capital Pvt Ltd, Monda Naka, Aurangabad This is a investment and tax consultancy. Many students have done their project work in this company and have got good placements
b. Next Pre-Engineered Buildings, Shendra Industrial Area, Aurangabad

This company installs pre-engineered buildings. Students have done projects for marketing and promotion of this company.


Maharashtra Centre for Entrepreneurship Development (MECD), Vikas Bhavan LIC Office Building, Aurangabad

This is an autonomous society working under directorate of Industries, Govt of Maharashtra. This organization conducts Entrepreneurship programs. Students can get help in setting up their business.

d. e-bin Pvt Ltd, Aurangabad

This company deals with disposal of e-waste. Students can do projects in marketing and financial management of this company.