M.Sc. Stem Cell/Cancer Biology/Tissue Science

Institute of Biosciences & Technology

Program Outline

  • The aim of this MSc by Research is to provide you with a solid grounding within the field of tissue science and its application.
  • The course provides support from the basics of human anatomy and physiology to development of novel nanotechnologies for healthcare.
  •  The aim of the course is to offer multidisciplinary Master’s level postgraduate training in Cell and Tissue science to prepare students for future employment in healthcare, industrial and academic environments.
  •  In this program, you’ll learn about how we obtain and maintain adult, embryonic & pluripotent stem cells & their potential to repair tissue damage & cure diseases like diabetes, cancer, Parkinson’s and dementia.
  • You’ll study across a number of compulsory modules designed to introduce you to stem cell types and functions including specific lab techniques like cell culture and the clinical application of stem cells. You’ll also learn about the legal and regulatory frameworks and business opportunities which surround stem cells.
  • You will take an interactive approach to learning about molecular cancer research through research placements, workshops, seminars and tutorials

Key Features

  • Throughout your time with us you will receive training in a wide range of essential and advanced laboratory skills including:good laboratory practices, theoretical understanding of basic laboratory procedures, scientific calculations, measuring volume, mass and pH, centrifugation, statistics and the use of computer packages, data analysis, tissue culture, PCR and qPCR, ELISA, principles of flow cytometry.
  • You’ll be taught by passionate research active academics whose specialist areas of research include the use of stem cells in the treatment of disease like Alzheimer’s, genetically modified cells, the bioprocessing
    of stem cells and tissue-engineered in vitro models of disease.
  •  The Program is designed to build a strong foundation comprising of theoretical knowledge as well as specialized practical training.
  • Provides exposure to various fields of life sciences with its application in Stem Cell & Tissue Engineering
  • Provides the basic and advanced academic, research, and industry-based curriculum consisting core, advanced, optional, and specific courses for the holistic development of students in life science
    • Prepare the students for campus recruitment

Program Structure

  • Two-year program with 68 choice-based credits to equate the professional degree
  •  Specialized experimental training with special attention to each individual through the ‘Exploration Workshop’
  • Special Open Elective course for students per semester
  •  Specialized labs with highly automated instruments
  •  Interactive learning with e-classrooms
  •  A complete package with an idea about various fields associated with Stem Cell & Tissue Engineering & life sciences.
  • As a final year student, you will have an opportunity to undertake a project in the labs of our world-class bioscience researchers. To support our research, we have extensive research facilities equipped with
    high-quality technology.