Plant Breeding and Molecular Biology (Master of Science)

Institute of Biosciences & Technology

Program Outline

Biosciences graduates endeavor to further intensify their academic and scientific education  in  line of work or career in Plant Breeding and Molecular Genetics  (PG). PG degree programme adopted in thought process based on demands of multi sector support commercial aspects, ultramodern research tools and their potential applications, subsidiary Scientific skills requisite, and to intensify the world-wide competitiveness and employ-ability to  students. In first Semester the course offer introductory part of plant breeding and molecular genetics, further studies or semesters is designed to develop the logical thinking in the students about the advance events  in molecular genetics. The prime aim is to develop curiosity in the students about the events of the science world and to take initiative to be leader and Innovator.

Students can equip themselves with various biotech skills and knowledge i.e Genomics, proteomics, molecular breeding, gene technology, plant breeding techniques etc. Molecular breeders graduates from this programme are high earners in the agriculture sector and biotechnology industry. They can seek employment opportunity in the all sectors of agriculture, food, biotech industry, seed industry, University, private colleges, researcher, R& D laboratories, government organizations. They can also pursue Doctoral degree after their Masters.

Key Features

Objective of the PG Programme:  Plant breeding and genetics, are fundamental disciplines of future-oriented agricultural biotechnology research. By integration the research findings in the fields of Gene technology, molecular genetics, cell biology, genomics and proteomics into classical breeding methodological analysis, completely new possibilities open up for developing tailored varieties. They are purpose at higher production, low-cost and sustainability of national agricultural production and at assured the food demand for an ever increasing world population.  A broad, up to date range of Programme offers both students and the future generation of research scholars, specially from developing countries, unique opportunities of getting to know the entire scope of modern plant breeding and molecular genetics from a advance research as well as a commercially oriented perspective. It look for to provide the following:

  • To provide modern education and sustainable research in Plant Breeding & Molecular Genetics and investigate reasonable solutions for high-tech agriculture
  • Boost an understanding of knowledge base approaches and practical application used in the analysis of complex life sciences information
  • Experimental Skills in house and field-based performing  tools for agricultural biotechnological research
  • Comprehensive and thorough Scientific knowledge in the field of specialization in the biological sciences
  • To be a skilled Entrepreneur

Program Structure

Improvised syllabus of Plant Breeding and Molecular genetics as per multi national industry and  future needs.

In order to monitor the activity of the students the  course curriculum, Course objectives, Course outcomes,  and Suggested readings have also been provided for each course.

  • Strong industrial collaboration with Mahyco, Jindal seed, Nath seed, Nessle, Godrej, Monginees, Ravi Masale etc.
  • 100 % placement track record
  • Partnership with india’s education, R&D, institutes like CFTRI, NIN, NIFTM, etc.
  • Experience and highly motivated teaching staff
  • Individual students practical and protocol development
  • Well equipped high end laboratories
  • Pilot plant based bio-laboratories
  • Library well stacked with advanced journals with internet facility
  • Sun Solaris greed parallel computing bioinformatics systems software for Biotechnology and bioinformatics laboratories