BioInformatics (Master of Science)

Institute of Biosciences & Technology

Program Outline

Any life science graduates are eligible to enroll in 2-year post graduate program in Bioinformatics. This program includes the advanced topics of several complex thought, including sequence analysis, gene expression, development of biological databases, structural biology and bioinformatics, genomics, diseases, and drug discovery, systems biology, design and development biological algorithms and its implementation in programming languages. And modern perspective of these thoughts assists to make innovation and invention of different scientific methods for the social and scientific development. The  qualified students may seek the opportunities in various industries, research program or in government sector or doctoral program in life science.

Key Features

  • To inculcate the skills like communication, creativity, problem solving, critical and creative thinking for the research and development in biological sciences for innovation and invention
  • To acquire the students’ knowledge in the field of biology, biochemistry, biotechnology, mathematics, statistics, and computational techniques for the development of bioinformatics
  • To create competent professional with characteristic knowledge and wisdom in the field of computational biology

Program Structure

  • The teaching methodology includes Lecture method, flipped classes, group discussion, case based learning, Problem Based Learning, learning by doing, and project based learning. The curriculum is 4 semesters and credit based choice based system
  • The curriculum is designed according to the new revised Bloom’s Taxonomy
  • Practical based learning
  • provide 100 % placement
  • Study Tours to the industries and research institutes
  • Individual Mentoring