M.A (Philosophy)

Institute of Social Sciences 

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Program Outline

Master of Arts in Philosophy is a two-year postgraduate program which focuses on a comprehensive study of Philosophy as a curriculum which involves the study of a critical and methodical approach and its interdependence on a reasoned argument to address general problems. 

The program includes topics such as Moral Philosophy, Theory of Knowledge and Reality, Logic and Language, Ethics, Religion, Philosophy of Mind, Western Metaphysics, Indian Epistemology, Traditional and Propositional Logic, History & Philosophy of Natural Science, Analytic Philosophy, etc.

Key Features

  • Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)
  • Theoretical knowledge with practical immersions 
  • High quality and experienced Faculty
  • World-class infrastructure and learning facilities 
  • Educational culture and hygienic environment
  • Disciplined and learning oriented atmosphere 
  • Guest lecturers of experts in respective fields
  • Global Exposure and Empowerment Programme
  • Opportunity of global career 
  • Practice of research and data analysis
  • Intensive knowledge with global approach

Career Prospects

  • The program aids at providing students with the insight of the intrinsic issues in ethics, politics, economics, human rights, culture, etc. conducive to identify and examine the basic reasons that persuade the above dimensions of human life.
  • Students of the program discover diverse topics such as the moral implications of human actions on society, the status of being, and the examination of words, dialogues, and idioms.
  • There are various areas of research after the completion of this post-graduate program which enable the students to develop a comprehensive arena of expertise. 
  • They can select their career path in areas such as Public service, Law, Teaching, Diplomacy, Ministry, Research, Publishing, Journalism, Insurance, and Student Affairs, etc.