Department of Gandhian Studies


Welfare of All in all fairness 


Equipping young generation with perspectives of collective welfare; enabling them as change-makers for a just, equitable and prosperous co-existence.

Towards this Mission, the Department offers a wide range of academic studies, research, training and action to propagate the comprehensive idea nonviolent social order in the light of Mahatma Gandhi’s life and work.  

In addition, the department  is engaged in certain field actions with the view to promote knowledge, skill and infrastructure among the rural poor, enabling a sustainable living. 


Strengthening the department  as an authentic interpreter of the fundamental principles of life as propounded by Gandhiji;

Promoting academic research, offering Masters’ program and training the people through short term course and workshops on the essential skills and techniques of nonviolence;

Initiating field action and intervention towards empowering neighborhood rural communities for a sustainable living.