Department of Gandhian Studies


The department promotes field based applied research in the areas of fundamentals of human life, sustainable development , Neighbourood economics, local governance, and appropriate and optimized systems and structures, all with the cherished aim of ‘welfare of ALL’.

Research Guide

Dr. D John Chelladurai: Authored five books; edited two books; published in journals more that 40 research and academic articles; specialized in Peace and nonviolence, confliction and dialogue; nonviolence system analysis.

Research Mentor

Prof. Mark Lindley: is a dedicated ecological economist, Kumarappa scholar; born in Washington, D.C., studied at Harvard University (A.B.), and Columbia University (D. Phil.) ;  taught at various universities, including Columbia University, City University of New York, Washington University, University of London, Oxford University, University of Regensburg, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Prof. Shriram Jadhav:  Professor of History; Gandhi Scholar and activist;