M.A. Economics (Sustainable Entrepreneurship)

Institute of Social Sciences 

Program Outline

  1. This programme provides knowledge of conventional courses in Economics taught at PG level with focus on preparing students for the competitive examinations like IIT-GATE/IIT-JAM/NET-JRF/SET/IES/Statistical Officers/RBI Gr-II Officers.
  2. This programme also focus on intensive research in economic analysis and also in the field of market potentials for new ventures, employment opportunities, business analytics and entrepreneurship development and International Finance.
  3. This programme covers the core courses including Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Indian Economic Development, Economics of Growth and Development, Public Finance & Welfare Measures, Human Capital and Natural Resources. International Trade & Foreign Policy, Statistical Methods, Mathematical Methods for Economic Analysis, Basic Econometrics and Research Methodology. 
  4. This programme offers specialization in Entrepreneurship research and International Finance to discover new opportunities and innovative potentials in business, services, agriculture and social sectors leading to socioeconomic development at national & international levels. 
  5. This programme is designed with a comprehensive curriculum which offers intensive theoretical insights as well as practical applications to enhance research skills, employability and productive capacity of the students.

Eligibility & Admission

  • Duration: 2 years (4 semesters) full time PG Degree with research
  • Total Marks: 2250
  • Total Credits: 92
  • Eligibility: Any graduate with minimum 50% marks
  • Admissions: Online registration & CET 
  • Medium: English and Marathi 
  • Total Seats: 20 students

Fees Structure

 Per Year Fees 

One Time Charges – University Fees

Tuition Fee

Exam Fee

Registration Fee

Eligibility Fee


U-MIS & Students Insurance

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Key Features

  • Choice Based Credit System (CBCS)
  • Focus on economic analysis and entrepreneurship research.
  • Theoretical knowledge with practical immersions 
  • High quality and experienced Faculty
  • World-class infrastructure and learning facilities 
  • Educational culture and hygienic environment
  • Disciplined and learning oriented atmosphere 
  • Guest lectures of experts in respective fields
  • Global Exposure and Empowerment Programme
  • Rural – Urban transformation experience through field work and workshops
  • Opportunity of global career local relevance.
  • Motivation for self-study, creativity and innovation
  • Practice of research and data analysis
  • Intensive knowledge with global approach
  • Well-equipped computer lab and library with global access

Note: Please see the detailed courses and curriculum in “Syllabus.”

Institutions, Firms and Services for jobs or employment 

  • Private industries, private corporations, commercial organisations, services industries, marketing agencies, business dealers, company outlets, malls.
  • Financial institutions like commercial banking (including nationalised banks, private commercial banks, and cooperative banks), private finance companies, and Micro-finance companies
  • Share market, stock market, capital or fund-flow market
  • Government administrative services, policy and planning departments, government offices at all levels, public sector undertakings and establishments
  • Journalism media houses (including TV, newspapers, magazines, special issues, house magazines) 
  • Teacher-ship or faculty in schools, business schools, colleges, universities and other academic or training institutions 
  • Research institutions, academic institutions, statistical organisations, data warehouses
  • Non-Governmental Organisations 
  • Social, Economic, Political, Industrial organisations 
  • Hotels, Hospitals, Hospitality industry, Tourism departments, Tourism companies, Transport companies
  • Disaster management agencies 
  • Government statistical, planning and development departments

Scope and Opportunities

After completion of this PG program the students will able to go for Research in Economic Analysis through IIT-GATE, NET-JRF, SET examinations with suitable stipend or fellowships. The students may avail jobs as Assistant Professors, Research Associates, Researchers in the field of Education, Research, Entrepreneurship, Management and Services like Banking and Insurance. 

There is scope for availing jobs as Economic Analyst, Investment Analyst, Data Analyst, Market Strategist, Cost – Profit Analyst, Financial Analyst, Policy Analyst,  Long-term Financial Planners in profit making organisations like Central Bank, Development Banks, Commercial/ Cooperative Banks, Insurance Corporations/ Companies, Financial Institutions, Private Enterprises, Capital Market, Shares and Stock Markets, Marketing Agencies, Private Companies, Corporations, Media Houses, Government Departments, State and Central Administrative Services, Economic Services, Communication, Marketing, E-commerce, Hotels, Hospitalities, Tourism & Transport.

The opportunities are also available in the fields of Agriculture Services, Industries, Consultants, Financial Planners, Insurance Advisors, Investment Planners, Analytics and Consultancy Services, Policy Research and Analysis, Big data Analysis, Economists, Consultancy Services to Higher Level Managements of Business Firms, Experts in Fund Management, Investment Analysts, and Actuarial Science. The students may get jobs as Business Analytics, Cost Analysts, Profit Maximisation Experts, Economic Forecasting, Marketing Strategists, Game Planners, Business Planners, and Resources Mobilisers in Private Corporations, Firms, Business Enterprises and Industries.