Food Technology (Master of Science)

Institute of Biosciences & Technology

Program Outline

The program of M.Sc. Food Technology is a two year Master’s degree program structured to be completed in four semesters (two semesters per year). In-depth knowledge in an area of specialization in engineering or the natural sciences having the ability to plan execute and evaluate experiments in both the laboratory and on a large scale. The post graduate program in Food Technology introduces students to conjectural and functional approaches to difficulty in Modern food processing in Agriculture, food, confectionery etc industry. This post graduate degree program is designed for a period of two years after Degree in Science with the credit load of 68 (30+38) to enable the students to acquire market need based and refined knowledge and skills in the field of Food technology.

The program aims to build expertise of the students in the niche areas of Food Technology. The syllabus offers specialized subjects such as Essentials of Food Chemistry & Nutrition, Modern Food Microbiology, Food Process Engineering, Food & Beverages Technology, Advances in Food Packaging, Modern Techniques in Food Analysis, Quality Management in Food Industries Processing Technology of Fruits & Vegetables, Modern Technology of Cereals, Pulses, & Oil Seeds , Food Toxicology & Food Additives ,Nutrition & Dietetics, Advances in Food Biotechnology, Master’s  Seminar, Business Management & International Trade, Master’s Research Project   (MRP) etc. Study of  Food technology course will equip students with requisite skills to become competent for services in and food industries, Biotechnology, Neutraceutical, agriculture where these skills are required and are in demand.

Key Features

  • Advanced specialization of  Food Technology
  • To create competent and efficient job seekers in various Food Inspector in Government and corporate Food sectors, Export and Import Specialist, Business Development Executive, Research Associate, Quality Control Programs Executive, Marketing Executive Trainee, Customer Solutions Application Scientist, Team Leader, QC  Standards Technologist in Soft drinks, Food Quality Inspector, Senior Food Technologist, Scientist – Beverage, Sweet etc. Quality Assurance Manager, Indian Food tech Ltd., Development Technologist, Premier Foods, Food Scientist, Newly Weds Food, Product Developer, Product Technologist and Designer in  Nestle India Ltd, Parle Agro Pvt. Ltd, Britannia Industries Ltd, Mondelez India Foods Pvt Ltd (Cadbury),LT Foods Ltd (Daawat),Gujarat Ambuja Exports Ltd, Venkys India Ltd (VH),MTR Foods Pvt Ltd (Orkla) etc., They are recruited in areas such as human health dietician, food industry, animal health, food processing, animal husbandry, dairy, chemical and biochemical, agriculture, besides universities, research institutes, etc.
  • To inculcate entrepreneurial attitude in students to start Food Technology  based industry
  • To assess the applicability and limitations of these models in various contexts
  • To choose and design technologies for the industrial manufacture of bio-based products, especially food products, with due regard to raw materials, energy, economics and sustainability in the system of industrial food technology, create and develop products.

Program Structure

  • Flexible course structure with choice based credit system taking into consideration student’s need , aptitude, choice of subjects and freedom of learning
  • Emphasis on basic as well as advanced concepts in the field of Food Technology
  • Up to date syllabus with inclusion of cutting edge areas in the field of Food Technology
  • In final year students will undertake a Masters research project in the topic of their choice and Product Design/ Internship at industry to get on the floor experience of industrial work.