Post Degree Diploma Program in Culinary Arts

While choosing a career in a hotel management institute, it is of immense importance to be aware of how the infrastructure of the campus is placed, where one can get full hands-on practical training. Our state-of-the-art campus is endowed with all the facilities one needs to complete the courses at our campus. With all the facilities available at our infrastructure, we stand tall among others and proud ourselves for offering all the basic amenities a student should have.

We have a spacious building spanning an area of 13,000 sq. meters to prop up our objectives and attain the desired results for the students. We care to provide all the necessary facilities not only to our students but to our staff members also.

The SALT Hotel

The SALT Hotel is located within the MGM Campus and is an Institutional hotel. It has a multi cuisine restaurant offering guests with a variety of options to eat. The SALT Hotel features well appointed rooms furnished with smart in-room amenities. Modern Board rooms are designed for meeting facilities, conferences, etc. Our students get hands-on training with live demonstrations with real guests to interact within the property. It serves our students a great opportunity to experience all the departments of the hotel right from reception to guest rooms, restaurant and kitchen.

Front Office Lab

It is said that the first impression lasts forever and we live up to our customers’ and students’ expectations. When you elevate the first few steps of our building, you will get the exclusive feel and warm welcome of IHMCT.
Our students are our representatives and they inherit the hospitality from MGM and are trained to take guest check-in, check-out, handling reservations, travel desk, concierge service, etc with due care and respect, thereby training them to suitably deal with all kinds of guest request through our state-of-the-art facilities.
Hands-on practical classes are held In the Front Office, where the students are trained to face various mock-situations put forth by the trained lecturers.

Housekeeping Lab

It is said that “Caution is not cowardly. Carelessness is not courage”. An efficient housekeeping helps eliminate some workplace hazards and aids to get a job done safely.
Housekeeping is a lot more than just cleanliness. Our students are taught about the various methods of maintaining the aesthetic upkeep of the hospitality environment with the aid from the latest tools and techniques.

Restaurant Lab

 Our Students learn to offer a seamless dining experience through the serving techniques of different kinds of food and beverages in the utmost hygienic conditions. Our restaurant has all the facilities available for the students to make their learning experience lively and handy.
We also have a well equipped bar associated with the prolific restaurant which enables the students to know the beverages associated recipes and their presentation techniques.

Food Production and Laboratories

The students’ gets hand on training in the food production department in different kitchen laboratories:

Basic Training Kitchen:
It is our prime responsibility to teach the novice cooks the basic cookery techniques and to introduce them to the world of culinary. Once they learn how to handle these fundamental techniques, they will be able to prepare the delicacies of various regions. We believe that cooking is all about how to use ingredients to make them taste worth appreciating.

Quantity Kitchen:
It does not take a simple multiplication to cook something for a large quantity of people. It’s a ground for the students to make various regional and national delicacies and they are trained under the guidance of the expert chefs who offer their expert advice to cater any volume of banquets. The Quantity Training Kitchen is mainly the training ground for the 2nd year students.

Advanced Training Kitchen:
From quality cooking accessories to full kitchen installations, we carry a full line of kitchen equipments where our students are prepared to cook authentic international cuisines and delicacies which they specialize on.

Bakery Training Kitchen:
This unit enables the students to develop the skills of making bakery and confectionery products.

Class Rooms

We have state-of-the-art class rooms with ergonomically designed benches where a student can concentrate on their studies under a pleasant study environment.


We have a vast collection of printed and multimedia materials. In addition, the Library’s knowledgeable and dedicated staff is at your service, ready to help you achieve your educational and research needs. This is the learning resource centre fully aided with audio and visual facility. We have a well-stocked library with the variety of books ranging from Cookery to Cocktail and Mock-tail recipes, Fiction to Autobiography, Body Language to Etiquettes, and all the course oriented books of authors from across the globe. The library subscribes to numerous periodical magazines, Journals on the Hospitality Industry and all major newspapers.


Emerging computer technologies in the areas of information access and exchange are changing the way scholarly research is conducted on university campuses. Students computer lab has access to the internet enabled, virus free computers where they keep themselves up-to-date with the trends and technologies. This facility is also used to submit their dissertation and project work, where students’ data is kept within highly encrypted security systems.