PG Diploma in Creative Communication

College of Journalism and Mass Communication

Program Outline

PD Diploma in Creative Communication enables students to prepare a foundation for a lucrative career in the ever expanding media content industry. The emphasis of this program is on developing creative publicity content for various media outlets viz. Print, Television, Radio and Internet. The program trains students to understand and apply creativity to the content of respective domains.  The students will learn to design and develop promotional material for advertisements, television commercials, radio and online advertisings etc.  The course also introduces the students to the marketing and branding aspects of the content. Pursuant of this program carry good prospects to work for corporate houses, media houses, public relations agencies, production houses, and also as freelance entrepreneurs.

Fee Structure

  • Fees: Rs. 85,000  + University Fees

Key Features

  • Multi-disciplinary approach
  • Credit based learning
  • Practical integrated learning
  • Informative workshops
  • Guest lectures by eminent professionals
  • Guaranteed placements

Core Competencies

PD Diploma in Creative Communication is a one year programme comprising of two semesters with mandatory Internship, projects and dissertation. The different phases of learning include: 


The most important aspect for any type of content is the uniqueness of idea. The communication industry is hungry for ideas and the best of them ends up to be successful. This phase equips the graduates to think out of the box to convey the best message to the targeted audience as per requirement.


Once the free-flow of ideas starts gushing in the second important aspect the student needs is the illustration or presentation of ideas in a creative manner. The graphics and photographs are one of the most successful means to convey the ideas and that is where the real creativity needs to be harvested for visual story telling. Copywriting is the key to a good illustration.


This phase demands meticulous handling of the best of ideas otherwise many best ideas have faded away due to improper treatment. The students here are exposed to the best treatments of audio and visual productions.  Finicky Treatment imprints can turn a simple idea into a memorable one. 

Finishing touch

The finishing touch is the real representation of all the phases that are applied in creative communication. The latest editing software’s enable the students to magically enrich the existing content into visual delight.

Promotion and Branding

The gradual growth from an idea to a brand needs the vision that is inculcated in the graduates to compete in the market based on research and application of appropriate tools of promotion. The use of modern digital marketing strategies makes it possible to attain the expected goals in the limited period. Making the idea audience centric with demanding treatments and then designing the promotional strategies gives way to a brand identity.


Career Options:

  • Ideators
  • Conceptualizers
  • Copywriters
  • Art Directors, Designers
  • TV Commercials makers
  • Web designers
  • Production Executors
  • Integrated Marketing Experts