Food Festivals

Every year two food festivals are organized by the institute which is open for the entire city and we could say that this event has became a most sort after event of the city. The motive behind organizing the food festivals remains to provide a platform to the students where they could implement their learning from the practicals, sharpen their skills, confidence and personality development, customer handling, and many more such things. Also as mentioned earlier this event provides the residents of the city a new concept to enjoy food with knowing the cultural aspects of the particular region

Industrial Visits

Every year we conduct several industrial visits as these keep students updated with the latest trends and technologies. These visits also compliment with the learning where the lecturers plan and conduct the visits according to the demand of the subject. To mention a few the visits are conducted to:

  • Vineyard visit to Nasikwhere the students learn about the viticulture (growing of grapes), fermentation procedure, bottling of wine, and the selling.
  • Cheese Farm/ Factory visit to Punewhere the entire procedure of various kinds of cheese manufacturing is explained to the students followed with the cheese tasting.
  • Commercial bakery visit to Ahmednagarwhere the students got to see the latest equipments in the bakery industry and the production and sales of the bakery products.
  • Property/ Hotels visitsto various luxury hotels, heritage hotels, business hotels to understand the operations of these different types of hotels, to meet and interact with the staff members, etc.
  • Visit to a fine dine restaurant over a dinnerto make students aware about the importance of dining etiquettes and how it is so important in today’s business environment.

Excursion Tours

The local and excursion tours are conducted every year for the students as provides a change from the regular routine and balances the study with fun. Moreover these tours help in team building and improve the management skills of the students as the entire tour is planned and executed by them under the supervision of the staff members.
Business Presentations:
Every week on designated dates faculty members give a presentation to the students on a pre-selected topic which could be from the industry, legal, sports, personality, or any other which makes the students aware of many aspects related to these, and are important in their day to day lives.

Guest Lectures

Guest lectures are organized where the speaker is invited from the industry to share their experience, views, and thoughts with the students which help them to know the working scenario of the industry and the current challenges which they may face as a fresher.

Extra Curricular Activities

Apart from all the co curricular activities the institute ensures that the students participate in the extracurricular activities which are very important in over all development of an individual. Every Saturday three hours are given to the sports of students’ choice and on the basis of the same competitive matches are organized once in every month. The students have the facility of:
Cricket ground, swimming pool, rifle shooting, lawn tennis, basket ball, badminton courts and many other such facilities are provided. Apart from these students have the facility of yoga and meditation centre.