Digital Electronics Laboratory

This Laboratory is used by all the Students for carrying out Practical’s related to Digital Electronics.Demonstrate truth table of various expressions and combinational circuits using logic gates, Design, test and evaluate various combinational circuits such as adders, subtractors, comparators, multiplexers and demultiplexers. Construct flips-flops, counters and shift registers. Simulate full adder and up/down counters.

Research Laboratory

The Research laboratory is developed with the aim of enhancing the research capabilities for power engineers in the department. It supports undergraduate, postgraduate and research scholars to enhance rapid technology transfer in various domains in the field of power systems and power electronics and drives.The Research lab shows a new mechanism to improve the innovation ability of research scholars and to collaborate with the IIT Bombay. It provides a platform for the research scholars in the department to share their knowledge in their field of expertise. It also helps the post graduate students to understand the basic necessity in doing research and to acquire guidance from the experts in various domains.  The lab also supports in conducting lab sessions while conducting national/international short term training programs and workshops to all the participants

Programming Laboratory

This Laboratory is used by All the Student for carrying out Practical’s related to Programming Language such as C, C++, Java, PHP, Android, MATLAB, etc.Students are offered access to both offline and online services. It provides a wide approach in programming and enables to apply knowledge in latest computer algorithms, Compiler Design, Computer Networks, and Artificial Intelligence. Guidance is provided to the students by a team of faculty experts and lab programmer

Microprocessor Laboratory :

This lab has microprocessor kits along with interfacing modules to demonstrate the detailed applications of microprocessors. The purpose of this laboratory is to train the students to be familiar with the software and hardware of microprocessors so that they can gain enough experiences to meet the demand of the microprocessor era.Students learn about assembly language programming, CPU, memory and I/O design, interfacing of programmable chips and peripherals such as stepper motors, analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters etc. They acquire the practical skills sufficient to design and realize basic microprocessor based systems.

Animation Studio:

The Studio haswell equipped PC’s with latest Software’s. Students can perform 2-D and 3-D animation along with the VFX Software’s. Students can develop their own short film starting with StoryWritting, Storyboard ,Shooting the film on croma For editing the video VFX software has provided to transform it into the perfect story.