Department of Electronics & Telecommunications Engineering

Smart City Aurangabad Open Data Week

Aurangabad Smart City Development Corporation Limited celebrated Open Data Week during 31st January to 7th February 2022. Prof. Ms. Pratibha Patil of ECT Dept. JNEC has participated and shared her views on “Role of Electronics and computer technology in the Smart city”.

Shishottayam Puraskar

Mr. Mukul Diwanji, student of BE (ECT) received “Shishottayam Puraskar” for year 2020-21. The award is given to those who mark excellence in studies alongwith the participation in various activities and giving an exhibit of human values. JNEC alumni association announces this award as a recognition & motivation, Mrs. Shashikala Pratap Borade supports and incourages to foster values education anticipated to former principal & trustee Hon.Sh. Pratap Borade .

This award is a token of approval and gratitude towards good conduct, it makes students aware that good work will be rewarded in qualities like effort, improvement, cooperation and self-confidence too.

“I feel privileged on been conferred with this prestigious Shishyottam Puraskar. I am grateful to the JNEC Alumni Association and ECT department for finding me eligible for this honour. As everyone knows the journey of engineering is not easy but it was made seamless to me and many other students like me because of the constant motivation and support from all the faculty members of the department.”
Mr. Mukul Diwanji (Batch 2021)

Proud Moments for the Department

An appreciation and encouragement received by Hon. Chancellor, MGMU Sh. A. N. Kadam, Hon. Vice Chancellor Dr. Vilas Sapkal, Hon. Registrar Dr. Ashish Gadekar,Mrs. Anuradha Kadam, Dr. Pravin Suryavanshi ,to the enthusiastic and sensible Lady faculty members of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department in MGM foundation day faculty gathering, ABHIVYAKTI

A participation of Lady faculty members of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering Department in MGM foundation day faculty gathering, ABHIVYAKTI , on 18 Dec. 2021, a cultural program , musical drama on “COVID-19” precautions and how it affected everyone’s life.

Not only teaching, but……..

Lady faculties of Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering tried hands on Maxican Cusine in a workshop on 12th march 2022, organized by “Sakshama” , women’s day special, at Institute of Hotel Management, MGMU Aurangabad.

  • Firodiya Karandak 2020

Firodiya Karandak 2020 is an intercollegiate Multi art competition held at Pune on February 3, 2020. Dhanashri Kulkarni, Sourabh Rangnekar, Kalyani Ekabote, Pranav Maid, Aniket Ballal, Shivam Karle, Gauri Joshi, Aniruddha Kingaokar students from Third year ECT participated. Department HOD and faculty appreciatie the students dedicated efforts and Congratulations to the entire team! 

  • Lecture talk on Electric Vehicles

Mr.R.P..Deshpande  interacted with third year students on the topic ‘Electric Vehicles’ on February 4, 2020. With over 45 years in the industry, Mr. R. P. Deshpande is among the most experienced and respected specialists in Indian capacitor sector. Some of the capacitor brands nurtured by him continue to retain their market-pole position. Throughout his career, Mr. Deshpande has pioneered the development of many capacitor products, technologies, processes and related applications. He speaks on various challenges like cost, batteries of electric cars. 

  • Webinar on VLSI

     ECT Department has arranged a webinar which was conducted by Dr.Noor Mohamad Sk on “VLSI Digital System design through verilog HDL” in the benefit of Third year and final year electronics students. The session is held on 21st Feb- 3 rd March 2020. It was a really splendid presentation which exposed students to the VLSI fundamentals and applications. All students appreciated and benefited from his knowledge. 

   Dr. Noor Mahammad S has received his M. Tech from National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology, Aurangabad, PhD from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, currently working as a Assistant Professor in the department of Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Information Technology Design and Manufacturing (IIITDM) Kancheepuram, Chennai. His research interests are High Performance VLSI Architectures for Packet Processing, Reconfigurable Computing, and Evolvable Hardware. From ECT department these faculties were involved  Ms.S.D.Gavaskar, Ms.C.S.Khandelwal, Ms.A.R.Salunke, Ms.S.D.Giri, Ms.P.B.Murmude and Ms.P.P.Patil and 20 students have participated and done hands on Open source Verilog software. 

  • Parivartan Puraskar
  • Mr. Sandeep Kale student of BE (ECT) department received “Parivartan Puraskar” and  Mr. Abhijeet Shinde student of BE (ECT)department received “Shishya Uttam Puraskar” by JNEC alumni association and in recognition of motivation and values Imbibed Prof.Pratap Borade Sir, for the academic year 2019-20 . This award shows approval and gratitude for each person’s good job, and it makes students aware that good work will be rewarded. also shows students qualities like effort, improvement, and cooperation as well, can increase self-confidence.
  • Mr. Abhijeet Shinde said “ I am extremely honoured to be receiving such an important award and earnestly grateful for the recognition  for my work. I have faced several challenges my way here, winning this award would not have been possible without the inspiration of my teachers and mentors. I thank my teachers, HOD and entire authorities of JNEC for always being supportive in curricular and extracurricular helping me to reach my goal. 
  • Introduction of Optical Pen Mouse 
  • The optical pen mouse is a usable and handy input device to interact with computers for writing as well as freehand drawing purposes. It can also be used to write precisely on a paint application with perfect control. This device indeed gives a comfortable experience to the user. The traditional mouse can be used only for specified purposes viz. clicking, dragging, scrolling, etc. but it becomes difficult to draw an object on applications like Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Whiteboard. This disadvantage of traditional mouse i.e. the inability to draw is overcome by the optical pen mouse created by me. This device is a boon for Professors as it helps them immensely during their online lecture sessions. This optical pen mouse is a ‘plug and play’ type of device that can be connected to a laptop or a PC via the standard USB port, without the need of a device driver or an extra requirement. The main circuit of this device is the mouse circuit only and the software that comes within the operating system package.

— by T. A. Mohije

  • SY ECT Student Kartik Doghole’s Creativity 
  • Kartik Dighule, a creative student of JNEC College.  The nine-day lockdown was much tougher than all previous lockdowns. So the students in school and college were literally annoyed by staying at home.  Besides, the young man, who was tired of watching TV for three and a half months and playing games on his mobile, found a different option this time.  Kartik Dighule, a student of JNEC College, is one of them.  His hobby of designing cars became my hobby during this time.  Completed the new model by modifying the existing vehicles. 
  • Best Paper Award in ICSIDMEMPC 2020

Mr. Mukul Diwanji and Mr. Saurabh Hisvankar presented a research paper on Temperature measurement using Infrared Contactless Thermal Gun at Virtual International Conference on Smart Innovations in Design, Environment, Management, Planning and Computing (ICSIDMEMPC 2020), MGM JNEC, Aurangabad and won best paper award during 30-31 Oct. 2020 under the guidance of Ms. C.S. Khandelwal

  • Electronics and Computer Engineering Department of JNEC taking an initiative of start-up in Electronic LED decorative Lighting

LED lighting is a “Swadeshi movement” inspired product in order to find alternatives to china products. With the warm objective of Swadeshi, team JNEC from Electronics and Computer Engineering department started a startup of LED decorative garland design and development. A step towards the start up is a need of an hour to come up academia into the start up.

Its novel style acclaims the appeal of consumers during this Diwali and Christmas time they could succeed to reach several consumers. Very soon this startup will attain the mass production of the same at market competitive rates. Prof. C. S. Khandelwal, Prof. A. R. Salunke, Prof. S. D. Gavarskar, Prof. P.P. Patil, Ms. M. K. Dhawade, Prof. P. B. Murmude and Prof. S. D. Giri has taken efforts for it.

Team efforts were appreciated by Hon. Chancellor MGM University Shri. A. N. Kadam, Vice Chancellor Dr. Sudhir Gavane, Trustee Shri. Pratap Borade, Registrar Dr. Ashish Gadekar, Principal Dr. H. H. Shinde, Vice Principal V. B. Musande and HoD ECT Dr. S. N. Pawar.

  • International Summer School

On November 21, a presentation of the International Summer School on the topic “Telecommunications and Information Technologies” was held at the Institute of Computer Technologies and Information Security with the support of The Indian-Russian Scientific Сenter of Southern Federal University. The event was traditionally held in an online format on the MSTeams platform. The meeting was opened by Anton Pljonkin, Director of SFedU Indian-Russian Scientific Сenter, SFedU Rectors Authorized Representative on the cooperation with partners in Republic of India:

Our Electronics staff and some students have successfully completed full-time summer school in June 2019. Those students planned to attend the international Summer School “Telecommunications and information technology” in 2020 have attended online summer school presentation. The current situation didn’t allow us to attend the full-time format of the event, so they organized the presentation of the summer school 2021 in an online format. The event was attended by students and professors from MGMU university JNEC, Aurangabad from India and Fachhochschule Bielefeld University, Germany.

Gennady Veselov, Director of ICTIS, made a welcome speech in the video format, expressing his hope that with the improvement of the epidemiological situation in the world, next summer it would be possible to hold a summer school in full-time format, as well as to continue cooperation in the context of master’s programs and postgraduate training.

During the presentation of the international school staff of ICTIS presented a thematic track, which are scheduled for implementation next summer:

  • Semyon Likhtin, senior laboratory assistant at the KIT Student design Bureau, – track on 3D printing,
  • Dmitry Petrov, associate Professor of the Department of information security of telecommunications systems, – track on the basics of electronics,
  • Evgenia Ishchukova, associate Professor of the Department of information technology security, – track on modern cryptographic algorithms and analysis methods,
  • Anton Pljonkin, associate Professor of the Department of information security of telecommunications systems, – track on quantum cryptography and telecommunications.
  • Mr. Swapnil Ramane (Alumni Batch-2012) visited ECT department
  • Workshop conducted on Basic Learning Tools

 Five days workshop on “Basic Learning Tools” in which the Participants will able to perform basic computation using MATLAB tools, to build small Electronics circuits using Proteus, to develop simple applications using Arduino Tinkercad platform, to develop simple VHDL code and simulate in XILINX ISE tool, to demonstrate Basic IOT Concepts. The workshop conducted by Dr.V.B. Malode, Ms.M.A. Mulay, Ms.A.P. Phatale, Ms.V.A. Kulkarni and Mr.T.A. Mohije during 1st Dec. 2020 to 5th Dec. 2020. 31 students participated in this workshop.

  • ECT Faculty Performance in MGMs Foundation Day Gathering 2020


  • Faculty of ECT performed a drama of “Electronics Naming Ceremony”on the occlusion of MGMs Foundation Day faculty gathering on 19th Dec.2020. The script written by Ms.S.D.Gavaskar, anchored by Ms.S.D.Gavaskar and Ms. P.P.Patil also presented script with Ms. A.R.Salunke, Ms.M.K.Dhawade, Ms.A.P.Phatale, Ms.M.A.Mulay, Ms. C.S.Khandelwal, Dr.V.B.Malode, Dr.V.A.More, Ms. V.A.Kulkarni and Ms.S.D.Giri.
  • Dr.Vandana Malode published a research  paper on Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture for Leaf Disease Detection and Prediction: A Review in International Journal of Future Generation Communication and Networking Vol. 13, No. 4, (2020), pp. 3565–3573 , India during Oct. 2020.
  • Ms. A.R. Salunke, Ms. P. P. Patil, Ms. S.D.Giri and Ms. M.K. Dhawade attended a workshop on “Solar workshop for making students Solar sharp” during 21 and 22 Jan 2021. The workshop conducted by Dr. Chetan Singh by k Watt Solution Pvt. Ltd. and R.P.Pole (Patil) Education and Welfare Trust College of Engineering and Management, Amravati. The objective of this course is to create awareness of Solar technology with a return on investment unlike paying for utility bills.

Faculty Development Program at Germany

MGMU’s Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College has established Innovation Incubation and Research Center (IIRC) for the first time in Marathwada region to enhance industry-oriented skills among students. The college owns industry setups purchased from Christiani Sharpline, a German-based organization. The main facilities of the center includes the Advanced Industrial Automation ,Mechatronics ,Industrial Fluid Power ,Industry 4.0, E-Vehicle and Computer Integrated Manufacturing lab in Association with Christiani Sharpline, Germany and SSIGMA, Pune. The center also has Industrial robotics lab of YASKAWA and TAL BRABO robots. Our main objective is to prepare industry ready engineers and also provide solutions to the surrounding Industries. For this purpose, our faculty also visited Christiani Sharpline, Mumbai and SSIGMA, Pune.


International Sumer School Russia’

Our Students Pratiksha Patil, Vaishnavi Rajurkar, Omkar Kulkarni along with faculty Ms. Aarti R. Salunke attended summer school on “Quantum Communications and Telecommunications” organized by Indian-Russian Scientific Centre, Rostovo, Russia for three weeks from 24/6/2019 to 13/7/2019 at the Southern Federal University, Russia.

Industry Visit

Our final year students had visited Greaves Cotton Pvt. Ltd., Aurangabad, on September 10, 2019. The purpose of this visit was to enhance the practical knowledge of the students and to provide them with industrial exposure. The Industry team explained the working and usage of all the electronic systems used there.

Guest Lectures

  1. R.P. Deshpande, a specialist in Indian Capacitor sector, interacted with our third-year students and enlightened them on the topic ‘Electric Vehicles’ on February 4, 2020. The speaker elaborated on various important techniques like better battery selection and battery optimization.
  2. In October 2018 a guest lecture was organized on ‘Industrial Controls & Automation’ by D.K. Deshmukh, Executive Engineer (Retd.) MAHAGENCO, Bhusawal.
  3. On January 27, 2019 a guest lecture on ‘Internet of Things’ was organized by our Proud Alumni Mr. Gurjit Singh Gill, presently working as a Founder and Director of Gill Instruments, Bangalore.


LED Workshop was arranged for the First-Year students by our faculty members Ms. A.R. Salunke, Ms. C.S. Khandelwal and Ms. S.D. Gavraskar. The aim of the workshop was to develop a cost-effective LED flashing and lighting to understand the modern devices with their capabilities and limitations.

E&TC Winners

  1. MGM Olympics 2019 was held on 2-4 December 2019 where in our students won the Gold Medal in Kabaddi. Akash Kale had won the Gold Medal and Ritesh Kumar Yadav won the Silver Medal in Power Lifting.

2. Our final year students Vyankatesh Kulkarni, Sachin Tadvi & Yash Rajput won 1st Prize for their project ‘IOT based Smart Mirror’ in Nirmaan 2K19, sponsored by IE(I), Aurangabad. This project was guided by Dr. S.N. Pawar

3. Raunak Borkar & Mr. Devendra Kulkarni participated in ‘1st Open Source Conference, 2019’ and have won 1st Prize in the coding competition. Both of them won Amazon Kindle Paperwhite as a prize.

4. On 27th August 2019, in an open source expo held at the PES College of Engineering, Aurangabad, our students Pratik Sarda and Abhijeet Mohanan won the First Prize in Project Competition by demonstrating their project named DOCKER on IOT using Raspberry Pi.

Social Activity

  1. Tree Plantation at Nirgudi

A tree plantation program was organized by MGM, Aurangabad at Nirgudi Village on 18th July, 2019. Our students had planted more than 1000 saplings in a single day!

2. NSS Camp at Melghat

NSS Camp was held at Melghat, Dist. Amravati from 25th July 2019 to 4th August 2019 wherein our students participated enthusiastically. The sole objective of this camp was to help the tribal children and provide them with medicines, making them aware about the importance of health.

3. Blood Donation Camp

A blood donation camp was organized on 31st January 2020, as a departmental activity with the help of MGM Blood Bank.  Students experienced the “Joy of Giving” by participating in blood donation camp in large numbers.