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Electronics and Computer Engineering (B.Tech.)

 Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College (JNEC)
Electronics Engineering

Program Outline

In the last three decades, drastic changes have taken place in the field of Electronics and Computer Engineering. These changes have revolutionized the life of masses.

Electronics Technology has entered in all the walks of life. This technology finds its applications in Consumer, Industrial, Civil, Military, Medical and in many more fields. Today, in many fields, we can’t imagine Automation without the use of Electronics.

The Department of Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering has designed a unique program of B.Tech. (ECE) approved by All India Council for Technical Education(AICTE), New Delhi. that not only develops the Industry needed expertise in the chosen domain but also helps to acquire a professional attitude, effective communication skills, leadership qualities, management skills and an ability to use engineering expertise for  solving social issues using Gandhian philosophy.

Key Features

Department offers Minors and Honours Degree in Advance fields of Electronics and Computer Engineering. It will help students for developing specialized skills in Electronics and Computer Engineering along with B.Tech Program. Students may opt for Minors offered by other departments in the university.

  • Department offers the following Minors and Honours Degree:

Minor Programs
1. Internet of Things(IoT)
2. Industry 4.0
3. Electronics Engineering

Honours Degree
1. VLSI and Embedded Systems Design
2. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
3. Data Science

Program Structure

  • Four verticals relevant to Industry are offered
  • Three Industry driven open electives are offered
  • Programming languages are taught in an integrated classroom environment
  • Modern pedagogies like Flipped classroom, Problem Based Learning, Project Based Learning, Activity Based Learning are used for curriculum delivery
  • Subjects having social importance like Gandhian Thoughts and Agriculture Electronics are offered


Bachelor’s Program in Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering
First Year (Semester I & II)Second Year 

(Semester III & IV)

Third Year 

(Semester V & VI)

Final Year 

(Semester VII & VIII)

Induction Program 

  • Electronic Devices and Circuits
  • Digital System Design
  • Network Theory
  • Analog and Digital Communication
  • Analog Circuits
  • Microprocessors and Microcontrollers
  • Signals and Systems
  • Power Electronics

  • Electromagnetic Engineering
  • Embedded System
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Information Theory and Coding
  • Electronic Measurements and Instruments
  • Control System Engineering

  • Digital Image Processing
  • Computer Networks
MOOC, Social Science and Humanities Certification Courses
Basic Engineering Fundamentals
Basic Science FundamentalsCooperative Learning:Six months Full Time Internship
Universal Human Values
Two Professional Electives from the chosen domainOne Professional Elective from the chosen domain
Computer ProgrammingProduct Design and Electronics WorkshopProject Stage – IProject Stage – II
Integrated Classroom Course:Object Oriented Programming (C++)Integrated Classroom Course:Python ProgrammingIntegrated Classroom Course:JAVA and Android Programming
Two Open ElectivesOne Open Elective
IPR and PatentsBusiness Management and Engineering Economics
Engineering ExplorationPre-Placement Activities:

Communication Skills and Aptitude Training

Placement Activities


Following four verticals are offered which enable students to pursue the domain expertise of their interest:


(IOT & AI)





PROGRAM ELECTIVE-IIOTMicrowave & Optical CommunicationRoboticsVLSI Design

Mobile Computing

Industrial Automation and Drives 

CMOS Design

PROGRAM ELECTIVE-IIIArtificial IntelligenceSatellite Communication 


Analog CMOS Design
  • Following three open electives are offered:
Automotive ElectronicsRenewable Energy SourcesWireless Sensor Networks
MechatronicsAgriculture ElectronicsNetwork Security
MEMSEnergy StorageBiomedical Electronics

Career Opportunities

Electronics and Computer Engineering is one of the comprehensive disciplines among all engineering disciplines. It offers platform for a great deal of interdisciplinary wok. Electronics and Computer Engineering apply knowledge and skills of circuit design, programming and prototyping to continuously build new products. An electronics and computer engineering can find a variety of career options and can work as the following designations:

  • Automation Engineer
  • Embedded Systems Architect
  • Software/IT Analyst
  • Solutions Architect– Cloud Computing
  • Telecom Network Design & Planning Engineer
  • Telecom Architect
  • Technical Director
  • Electronics Design, Research and Development Engineer
  • Control Systems Engineer
  • IC Design Engineer
  • SoC Power Analyst
  • Electronics & Communication Consultant
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Researcher

Major Recruiters

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