The future belongs
to Digital

We all have realized the importance of remote learning like never before in these pandemic times. At MGM University, however, our vision has been to encourage digital learning among our students and teachers from pre-pandemic era so that they can learn at their own pace and also invest more time in constructive research. We envisioned every laboratory to be an industry and every teacher a researcher.

Keeping up with this vision, MGM University has partnered with COURSERA to “foster continuous learning and keep pace with rapid technological advancements”.


COURSERA is a massive open online course platform that provides access to thousands of online courses, guided projects, and certificate programs from world-class universities and companies.

MGM University has joined hands with Coursera to implement the Coursera for Campus initiative in MGM University.

What are Coursera for
Campus and Coursera labs?

These are innovative initiatives by Coursera. Coursera for Campus enables a university to provide job-relevant, credit-based courses to its students, faculty and staff. Whereas Coursera Labs allows them to create hand-on projects using third-party software. The learner can work on a project in a browser itself and don’t need to download any software. E.g. Programming projects could be done using tools like Jupyter Notebook, RStudio and VS Code.

The objectives of this partnership are:

Provide standalone courses in core curriculum or for honours credit

Enable faculty with supplementary content mapped to their curriculum

Deliver stronger student job outcomes with multi-disciplinary courses

Attract new students with a stronger global reputation

How it works?

Under Coursera for Campus initiative MGM University students and faculty members have access to over 5000+ multidisciplinary courses and 1000+ guided hands-on learning projects from world-class universities and companies like Google, IBM, Intel, etc. This enables MGM University to leapfrog into the future by providing ready-to-go digital infrastructure for online learning.

How it helps?

MGM students and faculty members are using Coursera as supplemental learning to up-skill and catch up on emerging areas. Faculty members are also able to make use of Coursera’s personal authoring tools to create tailored assessments, courses, and hands-on projects for the MGM University students exclusively. Coursera’s powerful learning analytics helps improve the learner’s outcomes by tracking the student’s skill mastery and growth. These analytics brought assurance to the kind of skill imparted to students. The Coursera Labs helps us to accelerate applied practical learning for students. Through these hands-on guided projects, students can master new job-ready skills from different domains, including data science, computer science, and business.

Our Progress

Through online learning with Coursera, MGM University students are developing cutting-edge skills such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, data science, digital marketing, and python programming.

Students are also developing important transversal skills such as how to learn and application of theoretical concepts into industries and real-life experiences.

Accessibility and availability of a wide variety of courses from Engineering, Science, Management & Commerce, Liberal Arts & Humanities, and Healthcare have inspired the students to develop self-regulation and autonomy in learning.

Despite the gloomy situation of the pandemic, academic engagements of the students were maintained through partnership with Coursera.

It not only ensured continuous learning but also improved the teaching and learning experience of our students and teachers.

The valuable hard-earned Coursera certificates will definitely help our students in their career.