Mechanical Engineering

LAB-I: P.G- Manufacturing Lab

P.G – Manufacturing Lab of M.Tech-Mechanical Manufacturing  Engineering is well equipped with various manufacturing equipments facilities such as Plastic Injection Moulding Machine, Air compressor, Drilling Machine, Shearing Machine, MIG & TIG gas welding Machine.           In Manufacturing lab, students learns the practical aspects of mechanical engineering. Lab also have black stone I.C Engine (14HP, 10 HP, 5HP), 6 cylinder I.C engine for generator (Kirloskar make), electric motor set-up, brushless DC motor set-up and  Hydraulic system set-up. Manufacturing Lab is equipped with SAE BAJA, SUPRA, GO-Karting Vehicles, Solar Vehicle and  Electric Vehicle manufactured by our students under the able guidance of our faculty members and staff using manufacturing Lab facilities. Cut sections of various scooter and four wheeler vehicles are prepared in the lab by the students in their projects. Students gets practical exposure to various types of I.C engines, Automobile vehicles and projects, in house maintenance of all equipments and vehicles of MGM campus are done here in the lab. Training on Assembly, dismantling  and maintenance of Equipments, machines & vehicles is provided by staff to our students in internship  and as and when required . Various induction programs, skill enhancement of students, mini-projects, live case study, societal projects from waste/scrap are also done here in the lab. Fabrication work for all the MGM campus events are also done using this manufacturing Lab.

LAB-II: P.G- Research  Lab

P.G – Research Lab of M.Tech-Mechanical Manufacturing  Engineering is well equipped with various Research  equipments, machines and software’s required for doing research in various fields of mechanical engineering. Research  facilities such as Surface Roughness Tester (Model- Mitutoyo SJ411 Surf Test), 3D CNC Engraving/ Milling Machine, CNC Lathe Machine (Model: Simple Turn – 5075), metallurgical microscope, Rockwell cum Brinell hardness tester, Muffle  furnace and Hydraulic Molding press, Floating carriage micrometer, Electronic Vernier Calliper , Electronic height gauge, Electronic Micrometer, Profile Projector, Tool makers microscope, Sine Bar/ Sine Centre, MSC CAD/CAM/CAE Software, ADAS Software. In Research Lab, students learns the practical aspects of various fields of mechanical engineering. Students can do their research and experimentation work on 3D CNC Engraving/Milling Machine, CNC Lathe Machine etc. students can use various measuring equipments such as Surface Roughness Tester used for measuring surface roughness parameters, Rockwell cum Brinell hardness tester for measuring the hardness,  Profile Projector and  Tool makers microscope for measuring intricate profiles of jobs, metallurgical microscope for studying the microstructure for specimen. students can also use various software’s such as MSC CAD/CAM/CAE Software & ADAS Software for providing solutions to various engineering problems. By using the facilities available in research lab students can do innovative and new projects and also can publish & present their research work in various national/ internationals journals and conferences.