Master of Architecture (Environment)

Studio cum Lecture Hall – PG (83

Description :

The studios are equipped with projector, black boards, portable exhibition panels and pin-up boards with a typical seating arrangement in the center along with discussion tables at the periphery.

The discussion tables are also provided with internet connection for students.

Environment Lab (41

Description :

The environmental lab is equipped with lux meter, anemometer, sound meter, digital infra red thermometer, five in one hygrometer, heliosmeter, globe etc.

Material Museum ( 59

Description :

  • The material museum is being developed to educate the students through different types of materials.
  • It has collection of wide range of materials for building construction, interior design, plumbing etc.

Departmental Library (216

Description :

  • Number of Volumes = 3765
  • Number of Titles = 2750
  • Number of e-journals = 9
  • Number of Print Journals = 15
  • (National – 11 and International 4)

Departmental library has CCTV surveillance, a separate reading area, stack area,  search modules, photocopy facility etc

Exhibition Hall (82

Description :

The exhibition hall is used for numerous purposes including class presentation , to display annual work and architectural design studio work reviews.

Staff Rooms (54

Description :

All staff rooms are provided with individual workspaces having adequate storage area along with pin-up boards, intercom  facility and internet access.

Survey Lab (66