BioTechnology (Master of Science)

Institute of Biosciences & Technology

Program Outline

The 2-year postgraduate course of Master’s in Biotechnology is designed with an aim to develop a theoretically knowledgeable and experimentally efficient individual in the field of biotechnology. This course covers the major aspects and modern biotechnology with exposure to recent and upcoming research technologies associated with this field. It also includes special Self Earn and Open Elective courses which are designed to develop an individual with a thorough knowledge of a subject of their choice. Exposure to research is the base and is designed in a way to read, write and present particular research ideas. Research is made more interesting by providing industrial visits, training and workshops.

Key Features

  • Develop an individual with a thorough understanding of every aspect of biotechnology by providing exposure to modern biotechnology in an interactive way
  • To enable the student to be independent and confident in reading, writing and presenting their research ideas to the public
  • Creating a knowledgeable workforce by exposure to industrial training and workshops
  • Molding students into self-sufficient individual having both theoretical and practical knowledge of various subjects in biotechnology including subject choice of their own

Program Structure

  • Completely credit-based course
  • Special Self Earn and Open Elective courses per semester
  • Developing a research perspective by exposure to reading, writing and presenting research articles
  • An Industrial internship that provides specialized training in reputed biotech industries
  • Exposure to modern approaches and upcoming technologies related to biology and technology
  • Specialized labs with highly automated instruments and e-learning classrooms for interactive learning