Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) Laboratory

Description :

VLSI lab’s fundamental purpose is that the students will be able to plan, implement and investigate various circuits. Likewise, it is also used to design the products related to real-world applications with the assistance of programming and the Vivado Design Suite. This lab is used for various practicals for the subjects like Computer Networks, Product Design Engineering and VLSI. It is well-equipped with 21 computers with top of the line specifications.

Microwave and Radar Laboratory

Description :

  • It consists of Microwave testbenches based on both Klystron tube and Gunn diode. Students can perform the experiments on these test benches to understand the working principles of Microwave devices. This lab also has got the Radar trainer kits which can demonstrate the operation of a Doppler RADAR.

Audio Processing and Coding Laboratory

Description :

It has 20 computers with latest configuration and the softwares like MATLAB, SCILAB are used. This laboratory also provides facilities to learn and review the Network protocols, Routing protocols through experiments and simulation on Cisco Packet Tracer.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

     This laboratory has the latest Texas make DSP Trainer Kits and offers hands-on experience to the students regarding varied and advance concepts of signals and systems like convolution, sampling, impact of aliasing, characteristics of IIR filters and the FIR filters.

Electronic Workshop Laboratory


In this laboratory, all the fundamental electronic devices and their characteristics, applications can be studied.  This lab familiarizes the students with the basics of electronics and it is equipped with a good variety of devices like PCB Design and Implementation Suite that help the students to get a deep insight within the world of electronics.

                    The students get acquainted with the different hardware segments and instruments which essentially prepare them to build complex electronic circuits. The laboratory encourages the students to develop electronic circuits and confirm the outcomes with hypothetical ideas.

Analog Circuit Laboratory


This lab is used to carry out variety of experiments based on analog circuit design, consumer electronics applications and also the various practicals related to robotics. This laboratory provides a platform for the development of hands-on skills in the areas of linear integrated circuits.

Electronics Devices and Circuit Laboratory


In this lab, the students get the practical insight of various semiconductor devices that forms the basic foundation of the modern-day electronics applications. Students are introduced with various techniques to determine and calculate the performance parameters of the electronic devices

Communication Laboratory


The laboratory is equipped with frequency synthesizers, analog as well as digital communication systems, AM, FM DSB/SSB trainer kits. The students learn the basic principles of communication engineering by doing the hands-on practical work.

Advanced Communication Laboratory


This lab is used to perform experiments based on advanced communication concepts related to the optical fibre communication and satellite communication. The lab is well-equipped with Mobile Phone demonstrator trainer kit and the Fibre optic cable transmitter-receiver trainer kit. Equipments like DSO, synthesized signal generator and spectrum analyser are also available.

Digital and Microprocessor Laboratory


This laboratory is meant to give practical exposure to the students in the field of digital electronics, microprocessors and microcontrollers. As digital electronics forms the basic building block for all the advanced digital system designing, the students learn about all the microprocessors and microcontrollers. Students also learn about CPU, memory types, I/O design procedures, interfacing of peripherals like ADC, DAC, stepper motors, etc. The experiments are designed to develop their programming skills and applications. Their knowledge and expertise in programming skills help them in understanding advanced processors and software, ultimately giving them a chance at good placements.

Embedded System Laboratory


The main objective of this lab is to introduce students to the recent developments in the world of Electronics Engineering like Advanced Embedded Systems, Internet of Things (IoT) and Wireless Networks. The Laboratory has high-end configuration computers, single board computers like Raspberry Pi with sensors and peripherals, ARM-7 trainer kits, MSP 430 advanced embedded system trainer kits, embedded web server, mass storage for embedded systems, GSM Interface and several general-purpose target boards.