TATA Electronics, Hosur, Tamilnadu

Training & Recruitment Drive


TATA Electronics Pvt. Ltd. have recently entered with India’s largest electronic equipment/product manufacturer. As an Industry-Institute-Interaction initiative by TATA, they have introduced a Training & Recruitment Drive, and an initiative under Women Empowerment especially for those girls who were financially weak. MGM University take a pride to support to train the aspirants from villages from financially poor background but academically sound girl students. The training bridge agencies between MGMU and TATA were Skill Sonics and SSIGMA, Pune, have approached MGM University by visiting a state of the art facility to compete recent and future industrial needs at IIRC (Innovation Incubation & Research Center), and given an opportunity to train girl students with required acumen. First batch of 34 Girl students with Engineering Diploma qualification and Second batch of HSC Passed 16 Girl students. This initiative was divided into two phases; recruitment for training and then training. For the selection of these students from all over Maharashtra, a team of MGMU faculties and industrial experts from Skill Sonics have conducted placement drives in various government and private institutes including Aurangabad, Solapur, Nanded, Kolhapur, Nashik, Nagpur, Jalgaon, Sangli, etc.

After the recruitment of students, rigorous training was conducted as per the guidelines and the curriculum provided by TATA industrial expert team. First batch of the initiative was shortlisted for CNC Operator/Supervisor and Second batch was shortlisted for Assembly job profile. After completion of the said training, as per the students’/trainee’s feedback, they have acquired different skill sets such as CNC Programming and Operations, Metrology, Soft Skills, Safety, etc. Both the batches have successfully completed all the assessments conducted by MGMU and TATA and were successfully placed with an appointment letter and joined to TATA Electronics, Hosur, Tamilnadu, India.

Mr. Sumit Kaldate has received the Phase 1 Funding for Garlic Peeling Machine


Mr. Sumit Kaldate, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering Dept. has received the Phase 1 Funding for developing commercial product for his prototype of “Garlic Peeling Machine” under the “Innovative Idea Accelerator Program 2021” by TATA Technologies, Pune. MASSIA, Aurangabad. & IEPC (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Promotion Center)

Design & Development of SWAB COLLECTION TUBE TRAY

Mr. Pankaj Dhoble, Mr.Kirankumar Jagtap from MGM University have conceptualised and designed Swab Collection Tube Tray as a requirement from MGM Hospital in pandemic situation. With these Swab Collection Tube Tray, the transportation and handling of swabs collected from different patients are kept and transported properly from one place to other in a controlled temperature.

C-shaped frame for endoscopy consultancy for MGM Hospital

IIRC from MGM University have conceptualised and designed C-shaped frame for endoscopy as a requirement from MGM Hospital in pandemic situation. With the C-shaped frame for endoscopy, it’s easier for the doctor to operate the patients and the frame acts as a barrier against the spatter from the patient during endoscopy. Team members were Mr. Pankaj Dhoble and Mr. Kirankumar Jagtap.

Hydraulic Automation in Band saw Machine

This project is regarding development of automatic operation of a hydraulic band saw cutting machine for the automatic operations of up-down motion of bandsaw frame, clamp-declamp of vice on auto-feeding table as well as main machine setup. Advantages of hydraulic system is that hydraulic motion controllers have that ability to control pressure and force, along with controlling position, with the ability to smoothly transition between position and pressure control.

Automatic Wire harness Taping Machine

This project is regarding development of special purpose machine for Core Tech Aurangabad Pvt. Ltd. (manufacturer of wire harnesses) by final year project team of MGM’s JNEC Mechanical Engineering Year 2020-21. The main aim of this SPM machine is to automate the process of insulation taping over wire harnesses.

Greenhouse Solar Dryer

Domestic and Industrial Application Solar Greenhouse Dryer with Flat plate collector. Three tier drying trays are introduced lower low temperature zone, middle medium temperature zone, and top high temperature zone to accommodate various products to be dried using this Greenhouse dryer.
POTENTIAL APPLICATIONS:- Drying of Food Products like Methi, potato chips etc.

Consultancy AM & RE-

Pressure Biofeedback Device & Land surveying with a UAV

Innovation Incubation & Research Centre, MGM University Aurangabad is working over a ‘Pressure Biofeedback Device.’ Pressure biofeedback device gives valuable information to ensure and precision in exercise performance and muscle testing in the physiotherapy. It allows the clinician and patient to determine if the patient is able to selectively isolate and maintain contractions of the cervical or lumbopelvic core stabilization muscles. The measuring range of this device is 0-30 lbs digital pressure with an accuracy of 0.1 gm pressure. The device includes resting pad with base, pressure sensors, digital remote monitor. The team working over this device are Dr.Nitin Phafat (IIRC Incharge), Mr.M N Bargir (Designer of device, and Lab Incharge of Additive Manufacturing & Reverse Engineering Lab) & Ms. Debba Khan (PG student of MGM Physiotherapy, Aurangabad).

Land surveying with a UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) offers enormous potential to GIS (Geographic Information System) professionals. In fraction of time, with help of autonomous drone, it is conceivable to carry out topographical surveys of the land with same superiority. In comparison with the measurement collected by traditional survey method require ample of time as well the cost required for site survey and the workload of specialists in the field is more. Innovation Incubation & Research Centre, MGM University Aurangabad survey a 16-acre land at Gandheli Pump house by using RGB Phantom 4 DJI Drone. During a drone survey with an RGB camera, the ground is photographed several times from different angles, and each image is tagged with coordinates. The survey & topographical GIS report within completed 2 hours. The survey carried out by Mr. Laxmikant Kokate (Lab In charge of UAV Lab), Mr. M N Bargir, Mr. Pankaj Dhoble, Mr. Amol Mahadik, Mr. Vishal Ghatge & IIRC team.

Gold Medal in M.Tech and Second Gold Medal in NPTEL Exam

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University Lonere has conducted its 23rd convocation ceremony in the online mode and students were awarded degrees and diplomas. Gold Medallist from Undergraduate, Post Graduate and Diploma programs were announced during the ceremony. Shrikrishna Pawar, Post Graduate from MGM’s Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College (JNEC), is declared as Gold Medallist from M. Tech (Manufacturing Engineering) program for year 2018-19. He is currently working as an Assistant Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering of JNEC.

Mr. Shrikrishna Pawar from Department of Mechanical Engineering of Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College (JNEC) has bagged the Gold Medal in the NPTEL (National Program for Technology Enhanced Learning) examination held in August 2021. NPTEL is a joint initiative of different Indian Institute of Technology that offers online courses on various topics. He achieved this success in Design Thinking- A Primer course conducted online by faculty member from IIT Bombay. In addition to Gold Medal, Shrikrishna Pawar is also declared as topper in this course. This is his second gold medal in NPTEL examination, earlier he had received gold medal in Intellectual Property Rights course in Year 2018.


3 days technical Workshop “Technohance” was conducted during 17th December 2021 to 20th December 2021 to outgrow students for technical skills, to motivate students for entrepreneurship.
1. Expert talk on leadership and team work by Ms. Deepti Talnikar, Founder, Professional Training Solutions
2. Panel discussion on “challenges to entrepreneurship- Past, present and Future by Mr. Ashwin Pawade (Co-Founder and Lead S4S technologies) , Mr. Rahul Swami (Director, Shrusthi Vishwa Constructions), Mr. Salil Bangale (CEO, Fintech Engineers, Mr. Yash Maheshwari (Director, Yash Packaging paper Pvt ltd), ,Mr. Kedar Munshi (Director Geneka Technologies Pvt Ltd)
3. Technical Session on“Finding research career goals and leaving a career by choice not by chance” Mr. Sushrut Karmarkar. (Research Scholar , Purdue University, USA) Mr. Antariksha Mutha, Data Scientist, Ford Motor company, USA

Consultancy CIM Lab- Measurement of Ra Value

Innovation Incubation & Research Centre, MGM University Aurangabad have provided a consultancy in the form of measurement of Surface Roughness to post graduate student working on machining area. The team includes Mr.Kirankumar Jagtap (Lab In charge of Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab) and Mr. Prashant Murmude. The IIRC is equipped with Mitutoyo SJ410P Surface Roughness Tester.

Visit of VPCOE, Baramati Team to IIRC

An expert team comprising trustees and technical experts from VPCOE, Baramati visited IIRC (Innovation Incubation & Research Center) on 08th January 2022. All the lab in charges have demonstrated the respective lab equipment’s to the trustee members. During a fruitful discussion, faculties have shown innovative projects such as Smart Mirror, Robo-Guide, etc., and trustees had a hands on experience on simulated environment/scenarios in ADAS (Autonomous Driver Assistance System) Lab.

Mechanical Museum

Mr.Akash Barote from Mechanical Museum always believe in trying out innovative things in the area of automobile. A glimpse of his innovativeness are,
1) An electric cart to decrease the running cost of Transport Vehicle, to control the pollution and to develop combine unit of the throttle which is can be suitable not only for the conventional system but also for the electric system.
2) Hybrid Bicycle to develop combine unit of the throttle which is can be suitable not only for the conventional system but also for the electric system.
3) Groundnut Shredder to remove ground nut from the plants and to save energy and time.
4) Eco-friendly community Washing Machine Pedal operated washing machine which requires no electricity or no fuel, requires less water, best for use in rural area and also students in urban area. It is an innovative design and developing eco-friendly, economical household product for rural community. This product is designed, developed, tested and tried in the lab of MGM’s JNEC with the help of faculty and students from the department of Mechanical Engineering.

Visit to Forbes Smart Machining

Visited Forbes Smart Machining, Forbes Ltd. B-13, MIDC Waluj. Discussion with Mr.Shrish Wadgaonkar, Head Supply Chain and Mr.Shrish Bhalerao (Assistant Manager Supply Chain)

Industrial Visits

  1. Faculty training program at Germany from 8th to 26th June 2019. A team of six faculty members, Dr.M.S. Kadam, Dr.V.S.Joshi, Mr. P. G. Dhoble, Mr. K. R. Jagtap from Mechanical Department and Mr. V. V. Ukarande, Mr. V. J. Lipane from Electronics Department went to Germany for the period of 15th days in the month of June for attending training for Centre of Excellence on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Advanced Hydraulics, SINUTRAIN- CNC Simulation Software, Pneumatics, Industry 4.0 and Factory Automation.
  2. Our faculty S. L. Thengade along with student Vikas Kendre attended a seminar on ‘Idea validation and business opportunity identification and development also presented a project on ‘Home automation with safety features’.
  3. SukanyaPatil (Alumni) shared details of research activities at IIT Mumbai in Mechanical department to final yearstudents.
  4. Our faculty Dr. A. L. Chel and Mr. O. M. Raut attended an AICTE sponsored Short TermTraining  Dr. A. L. Chel was invited to deliver a lecture talk on Advanced Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer at Indore college of Engineering on 8th August2019.
  5. Our faculty Mr. S. L. Thengade along with student Vikas Kendre attended a seminar on ‘Idea validation and business opportunity identification and development also presented a project on ‘Home automation with safety features’.
  6. Our Faculty Mr.S.L.Thengade and Mr.M.N.Bargir attended a Train-the-Trainer by BMW in Pune.
  7. Training Program (STTP) on Empowering Innovation with 3D Printing
  8. An Industrial visit to Aurangabad Foundries ofTY Mech students has been arranged by Dr. M. S. Kadam, Prof. A. S. Pathan, Prof. R. B.Patil, Prof. P. S. Shinde, Prof. K. A. Jahagirdar.