Electrical and Computer Engineering (B.Tech.)

A.C. Machine Lab

Total Investment : Rs. 7,32,800.00
Total Area : 68.62 Sq.M.
Lab In-charge : Prof. Kanika Chitnavis
Major Equipment: Three phase and single phase motor and generator sets.

Description :
This laboratory is developed to conduct various practicals such as load test, speed control, SC/OC test on 3 phase induction motor and synchronous motor. The lab consist of mechanically coupled AC machines and DC generator setup.  It includes Slip-Ring Induction motor, Squirrel Cage Induction motor and Alternator Panel. Various routine and breakdown tests on these machines can be performed along with measurement of parameter such as efficiency, torque, speed and losses.

D.C. Machines & Drives Lab

Total Investment : Rs. 6,63,286.00
Total Area : 68.62 Sq.M.
Lab In-charge : Prof. P.A.Gulbhile
Major Equipment: DC motor sets with mechanical load & DC drives.

Description :
This Laboratory is designed for D.C. machines and generators along with various drives. Various D.C. motor such as Series & Shunt motors coupled with D.C. Generators are present for practical purpose. Students can perform various tests on these motors as well as generators. Students can also perform some speed-torque experiments with various DC drives and understand the controlling of motor in better way.

Switch Gear & Protection Lab

Total Investment : Rs. 10,37,775.00
Total Area : 66 Sq.M.
Lab In-charge : Prof. S.D.Jawale
Major Equipment : Air Circuit Breaker, MCB, Circuit Breaker Testing Kit. Various protection panels for Alternator, transformer and transmission line, Oil Testing set.

Description :
This laboratory consist experiments to be performed on protection point of view for alternator, transformer, circuit breaker, transmission lines. Various Protection panels like transformer protection, alternator protection, transmission line protection enable student to simulate faults and study the particular protection scheme. Again various relay panels like over voltage electromechanical relay & over current electromechanical relay helps student to understand relay operation practically. Along with that Demonstration of Air Circuit break and Computation of ABCD parameters of transmission line panels are also present for experimentation purpose.

Computer Lab – I

Total Investment : Rs. 14,54,550.00
Total Area : 68.78 Sq.M.
Lab In-charge : Prof. J.R.Rana
Major Equipment: Computers, Printer, Simulation Software: ETAP, PSCAD, ECAD.

Description :
A well-equipped computer lab with latest computers having high bandwidth internet connection is available for students. Practical virtual labs are carried for students which enables them to learn virtually, also the lab is available to all departmental students for searching relevant data on the internet. As computers are preinstalled with software like Scilab, ECAD and Inventor, various simulation practical for courses like Network analysis, Numerical method and programming, project design etc. are performed in the lab.  ETAP and PSCAD software are also available for simulation and design purposes.

Electrical Measurement Lab

Total Investment : Rs. 2,54,293.00
Total Area : 66 Sq.M.
Lab In-charge : Prof. A. V. Naik
Major Equipment : Dual Channel CRO, Dead Weight tester

Description :
The lab is used for conducting practical of subject Electric measurement and Instrumentation for Electrical Engineering students. The lab  consist of electrical, electronics and measuring instruments such as Ac bridges, Dc bridges, Weight measurement, Linear variable differential transformer, RTD measurement Potentiometer. The lab enables students to practically understand the measurement techniques and their functioning in a sophisticated manner.

Analog & Digital Circuit Lab

Total Investment : Rs. 2,69,600.00
Total Area : 66 Sq.M.
Lab In-charge : Prof. C.B.Ingole
Major Equipment : CRO, Function Generator, Power Supply

Description :
This laboratory utilized for basic courses like analog electronics, Electronic devices and circuits, linear integrated circuits, filter design. The lab is equipped with instruments like Analog & Digital Trainer kits for practicing various Analog and digital circuits, Digital storage oscilloscope for better measurement, Op-amp Trainer kits to test all op-amp application circuits, Dual power DC supply and various Digital ICs for on board connections.

Microprocessor Lab

Total Investment : Rs. 2,28,663.00
Total Area : 68.62 Sq.M.
Lab In-charge : Prof. Madhuresh Sontakke
Major Equipment: Microcontroller and Microprocessor Kits.

Description :
The laboratory felicitates hands on training for the courses related to digital computer, microprocessors, microcontrollers, programming.  Students use lab for making major and minor projects. Instruments such as C.R.O., D.S.O., trainer kits, function & signal generators for studying digital systems, Microprocessor 8085 and Microcontroller 8051. Also computers with simulation software are very helpful to test the interfacing circuits of microcontroller 8051.

Industrial Automation Lab

Total Investment : Rs. 2,63,049.00
Total Area : 66 Sq.M.
Lab In-charge : Prof. N.S.Hussain
Major Equipment : PLC Trainer KIT, Computers

Description :
This laboratory is equipped with equipment which are essential for students to realize basic automation Principles. The major equipment are Allen Bradley PLC trainer kit, Siemens PLC trainer Kit, LG PLC trainer kit. Students can perform wide range of practical in the laboratory wherein they can write PLC ladder programs for different sequential task troubleshoot it and execute it in the practical session itself.

Power Electronics Lab

Total Investment : Rs. 1,53,679.00
Total Area : 66 Sq.M.
Lab In-charge : Prof. Kanika Chitnavis

Description :
This laboratory is equipped with power controllers, rectifiers, inverters, choppers, SMPS, DSO and oscilloscope. The laboratory has ample facility to perform various experiments based on power conversion and drives control. The various trainer kits for studying characteristics of power semiconductor devices (MOSFET, IGBT, SCR, etc.).

Computer Lab – II

Total Investment : Rs. 7,00,000.00
Total Area : 66 Sq.M.
Lab In-charge : Prof. B.A.Patil
Major Equipment : Computer with Internet Facility

Description :
A well-equipped additional computer lab consist of latest computers with high bandwidth internet connection is available for students. Practical on virtual labs are carried for students which enables to learn virtually, also the lab is available to all departmental students for searching relevant data on internet. Various simulation based practical can also be carried out in this lab.

Renewable Energy Sources Lab

Total Investment : Rs. 1,27,881.00
Total Area : 66 Sq.M.
Lab In-charge : Prof. B.A.patil & Prof. Madhuresh Sontakke
Major Equipment : Solar Tracker Kit, Solar-Wind Kit, Solar panel V-I Characteristics kit

Description :
This lab is equipped with latest Renewable energy kits. Major kits are of Solar Energy Kits & Wind Energy kits. Student can simulate real life renewable project in this lab and as well as they can experiment VI characteristics, Solar tracking mechanism and wind energy conversion process in detail.

High Voltage Engineering Lab

Total Investment : Rs. 1,70,000.00
Total Area : 68.62 Sq.M.
Lab In-charge : Prof. B.T.Deshmukh & Prof. S.D.Jawale
Major Equipment : Horn GAP, Insulation Testing Kit

Description :
The lab is equipped with high voltage instruments for demonstration and experimentation purpose. Power Transformers of the lab enable student to practically understand the construction and operation of power transformers. Along with that AC & DC insulation testing kits are available in lab which helps test various insulating materials and their properties for high voltage application. Horn gap apparatus also help student to understand high voltage protection system.