Civil Engineering (B.Tech.)

Engineering Mechanics Lab

Lab incharge: Prof. U.S. Sarade
Description :

Engineering Mechanics lab is equipped with force table, friction apparatus, simple screw jack which are used to determine the output and mechanical advantage of the machine. Major equipment in the lab is used to analyze the effect on force on the static body.

Strength Of Materials Lab

Lab incharge: Prof. V.G. Jadhav
Description :

Strength of Material is one of the well-equipped Laboratories in the Civil Engineering department. It consists of major equipment like Universal testing Machine- 100T which is a Software based solution equipment. The laboratory also consists of other equipment’s like Compression testing Machine- 2000KN, Torsion testing Machine, Impact testing Machine, Rockwell hardness testing Machine. The laboratory is also providing consultancy services in material testing such as Concrete cube testing, Autoclaved aerated concrete block (AAC) testing, Tension test on mild steel, Paver block testing. The calibration of UTM-100T and Rockwell hardness testing machine is being done regularly  to get more accurate results.

Survey Lab

Lab incharge: Prof.R.V.Wanjule
Description :

The survey lab is equipped with the latest equipments. Total station, Auto level, Digital Planimeter, theodolite, Nautical Sextant, Hand held GPS etc. are available. The students carryout the survey work onsite to experience the field practices and difficulties. The students get hands on practice of the total station and carryout the drawings/Analysis using GIS platform.

Fluid Mechanics Lab

Lab incharge: Prof.L. K. Kokate
Description :

Parameters related to fluid flow in pipes and open channels are determined with various equipments like Bernoulli’s apparatus, Metacentric height of ship model, Notch apparatus, venturimeter, orificemeter, Pelton wheel turbine and tilting flume. Hydraulic machines are available for the study.

Concrete Technology Lab

Lab incharge: Prof.L. G. Kalurkar
Description :

Concrete Technology Laboratory provides the facilities to perform all quality tests on various  ingredients such as  Cement, Sand & Aggregate. Following facilities are provided by Concrete Technology Lab. The lab is utilized to perform various experiments as a part of the curriculum. The Post Graduate students use the lab for research purpose. The lab also facilitates the consultancy services.

Transportation Lab

Lab incharge: Prof.S.V.Ighare
Description :

Transportation engineering laboratory is used to perform practical on materials like aggregate, bitumen and soil. In our laboratory main equipments are ductility testing machine, CBR, Marshall stability, bitumen extractor and stripping value apparatus.

Geotechnical Lab

Lab incharge: Dr.M.D.Sadeque
Description :

The laboratory is equipped with all modern machineries required for advanced research and consultancy services. Soil testing equipment for soil classification, compaction, consolidation, direct shear, permeability, unconfined compression etc. are available in the laboratory.

Environmental Engineering Lab

Lab incharge: Prof.R.A.Patil
Description :

Environmental Engineering lab in civil department of JNEC, MGM University, facilitates the experiments for water and waste water quality assessment, ambient air quality and noise level measurement. The lab is equipped with latest equipments to perform the experiments effectively. Major equipments such as Digital spectrophotometer, BOD incubator, COD digester, Small distill water plant, Dust sampler (PM 10), Digital turbidity meter, Portable hardness meter, TDS meter, Water testing kits, Dust sampler and Noise meter are available in the lab.

CAD Lab-1

Lab incharge: Prof.Y.J.Barokar
Description :

CAD Lab facilitates the students to get hands-on AutoCAD and Fusion 360. The lab is well equipped with 20 systems of latest configuration with Internet facility. The said software enhance the drawing skills in 2D and 3D.  Charts to guide students for execution of basic commands are also made available. Apart from the regular practical sessions the students avail the facility for project work.

Software Lab

Lab incharge: Prof.J.R.RamaChandani
Description :

Software Lab consists of 20 systems with advanced configuration which is well equipped with the Software ETAB & SAFE. ETAB Software is used for the Analysis and Design of RCC, Steel as well as Composite Structures. SAFE Software generates the Foundation Design. The Designs Obtained from this Software is directly used on Site.

CAD Lab. 2

Lab incharge: Prof.R.R.Yennawar
Description :

This is fully equipped lab with 20 systems and one server with software’s like AutoCAD, STAAD PRO, Fusion-360. In addition to this new software’s are added as and when required. This lab advances the knowledge of students through analysis, design, drafting, virtual labs and practical’s for their research and academic works.