Certificate in Theatre Arts


Program Outline

Foundation Certificate in Kathak Dance – Level I (2 semesters)

Kala Adhar Kathak Pratham | कला आधार कथक प्रथम


  • Candidate should have passed minimum class X.
  • General aptitude to learn dance.
  • Basic understanding to respond to rhythm, music and movement.

Key Features

  • Training system is an ideal blend of traditional Gurukul training and contemporary trends in education.
  • The program helps the learner develop a physical and conceptual understanding of movement and its expressive possibilities.
  • The curriculum facilitates introduction to the Indian Dance Heritage, history of the chosen dance form and symbols and metaphors with static and dynamic movements within a dance tradition.
  • The learner is trained to create short dance narratives, understand body dynamics and blend concepts from theory and practice during the training program.

Program Structure


Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Exam
Overview of Traditional Theatre Practical exploration Preparation of theatrical presentation Project Submission / Performance
Total Credits : 10 credits