B.A.(Hons.) Film Making

Alfred Hitchcock Edit Bay

Film editing can be referred to as an art or skill, the only art that is one of its kinds to cinema, deviating film making from other art forms that preceded it. Film editing is often perceived to be an “invisible art” as when it is skillfully performed, the viewer can become so engrossed that he or she couldn’t know the score of the editor’s work.

Editing a film is working with the raw footage where the editor has to select the shots and put them into a perfect sequence to create a finished look. It is a fundamental part of the post production process which has to be performed with creativity and techniques. MGM Film Art’s Alfred Hitchcock Edit Bay is a visual editing studio comprising of five individual studios with the setup of Final Cut Pro X software installed in the systems

Amadeus Symphony Studio

Though all the technical magic of the world will never buy you knowledge, hence we primarily focus on making the students master each and every department of filmmaking.  Independent filmmaking faces a massive problem of sound recording. It is very essential to realize the fact that poor sound quality will completely ruin an interesting video. So never ever try to underestimate the power of an audio acoustic! For acquiring an amazing audio recording experience for the students we have Amadeus Symphony Studio, a sound recording studio with Protocols, Logic pro X software and technical facilities such as on location sound, dubbing and Foley.

Da Vinci Color Lab

Color grading is the process of enhancing the appearance of an image for delivering it in divergent environments on different devices. Various facets of an image such as contrast, color, saturation, detail, black level, and white point may be embellished whether for videos or still images. Color grading and color correction are hence used as terms for the production of artistic color effects through creative blending and compositing of different images.  For this purpose we have Da Vinci Color Lab at MGM Film Arts with DI & Mastering facilities as well as Davincis Resolve Color Grading Panel for the perfect blend of colors in the final product.

VFX & Animation Lab

Visual effects have ultimately enabled a movie maker with the freedom to transform a story to their creative best. For a director, it is merely imagination with which he can create anything and everything. Visual effects provide a cutting edge to the movies by adding locations, and stunts set etc. VFX relatively is more affordable and fun to work with than the substitutes used. We have a special Lab for VFX and animation with Maya, Aftereffect and 3D max software for a wonderful experience in practical training.

Chitrapati Dr. V. Shantaram Theatre: (Preview Theatre)

For the preview of the process you’ve been through while making your film, there has to be a perfect place that will help you to spot the corrections or insert any desired changes into the film. For this purpose we have Chitrapati V. Shantaram Theatre, a preview theatre with 4k projection and 9.2.1 Dolby sound system to enhance the experience of the students in previewing their skill-full practical.

Bergman’s Courtyard

Bergman’s Courtyard is an open stage provided to the students for shooting purpose. The space is well equipped with green potted plants, artificial water fountains, lush green and serene ambience which stands testimony to be perfect outdoor scenery that will make an appealing shot for the student’s practical.

MGM Film City

With a vast expanse of outdoor location spread across 36 acres of land, MGM Film City incorporates a stage with a dimension of 6500 square feet constructed at Padegaon which can be used as a shooting floor for various shots. Students will also get access to an outdoor shooting location developing different types of imaginative scenes with their creativity and passion. The Art Inventory provides all the faculties like carpentry, welding, molding, props, costume library and well equipped green rooms. To add up more we have Rukmini Auditorium, Photography Studio, Swimming Pool, MGM Stadium and our very own, endemic MGM Campus that itself are perfect locations for shooting purposes.