Vice-Chancellor’s Message

Vice chancellor MGM University

Dr. Vilas Sapkal
MGM University

Vice-Chancellor’s Message:

MGM University, Aurangabad, has been established by a Government of Maharashtra Act for the development and advancement of higher education in the state .The University has Gandhi’s philosophy and values as it’s focal themes. The University with distinct track record of excellence in education, research, industry-connect and services is now embarking on creating multidisciplinary education with mission of developing 21st century capabilities of learners and providing highest quality educational opportunities for life-long learning. The University is offering number of innovative programs which are in line with changing landscapes of knowledge and placement worldwide to achieve highest potential of individual. This makes the learners to choose their learning trajectories and programs according to their talents and interests . Students will have opportunities to learn recent and advanced subjects in emerging fields with unique experiential learning through flexible curriculum and engaging pedagogy.
With the state of the art infrastructure, competent and highly energized faculty under the mentorship of visionary governance of the University, the outcome of education and research will be of standards which are comparable with global standards. With focused vision on innovation and excellence and planned mission of all-round and holistic human development the University ensures transformation of students to meet their aspirations and goals.
I welcome talented and creative minds to the University to realize their highest potential through quality education and research.