The Objects, Powers and Functions

The objects of the MGM University are as follows :—

A) to provide learning, teaching, capacity, capability and skills development and research and development in higher and technical education, covering Liberal Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences, Life Sciences and Biotechnologies, Nano-Sciences and Technologies, Professional Disciplines such as Engineering, Technology, Management, Business and Commerce, Applied and Creative Arts, Vocational Education, Media, Information and Communication Technology and Education per se and their inter-disciplinary studies and development;

(b) to provide instructions, teaching and training in higher and technical education, Arts, Sports, Culture, Film, Space Technologies, Marine Research and to make provisions for research;

(c) to create higher level of cognitive, affective and psychomotor (head, hearts and hands) abilities;

(d) to create higher levels of intellectual abilities ;

(e) to create and deploy new educational programmes to promote creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship for inventing of new ways for development and social reconstruction and transformation;

(f) to establish state-of-the-art facilities for education and development;MGM UNIVERSITY

(g) to carry out teaching and research and offer continuing quality education programmes;

(h) to create centers of excellence for research and development in Science and Technology and Socio-economic development, and for sharing knowledge and its application;

(i) to use modern and post-modern processes, mechanisms and technologies for governance and management of learning, teaching, research, evaluating, developing, organizing and creating socio-economic wealth for individuals and society for the 21st century;

(j) to provide professional and development services to the industry, public organizations and society;

(k) to start higher education programmes, courses in new and emerging areas with innovative approaches;

(l) to establish links, collaborations and partnerships with other higher education and research institutions in India and abroad;

(m) to institute degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions on the basis of examinations, or any other methods of evaluation;

(n) to establish innovative approaches for creation of seamlessness in academic structures, learning time-frames, and working and continuous evaluation processes for nurturing and cultivation of creativity and entrepreneurship;

(o) to pursue any other objectives as may be suggested by the Government;

(p) to ensure that the standard of the degrees, diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions conferred by a University are not lower than those laid down by the All India Council for Technical Education established under the All India Council for Technical Education Act, 1987 or the National Council for Teacher Education established under the National Council for Teacher Education Act, 1993 or the University Grants Commission constituted under the University Grants Commission Act, 1956 or the Pharmacy Council of India constituted under the Pharmacy Act, 1948 or the Bar Council of India constituted under the Advocates Act, 1961 or any other statutory body, as the case may be.

Powers and Functions of The MGM University, Aurangabad namely:—

(i) to make provisions and adopt all measures (including adoption and updating of the curricula) in respect of study, teaching and research, relating to the courses through traditional as well as new innovative modes including on-line education mode;

(ii) to institute and confer degrees, diplomas, certificates, awards, grades, credits and academic distinctions;

(iii) to conduct and hold examinations;

(iv) to provide for the degrees, diplomas, certificates, equivalent or corresponding to the degrees, diplomas, certificates of other recognized Universities, Boards or Councils;

(v) to take all necessary measures for setting up campus;

(vi) to set up central library, departmental libraries, museums and allied matters;

(vii) to institute and confer honorary degrees as may be prescribed;

(viii) to institute and award fellowships, scholarships, studentships as may be specified;

(ix) to take special measures for spreading educational facilities among the educationally backward strata of the society;

(x) to encourage and promote sports and other extra curricular activities;

(xi) to create technical, administrative and other necessary posts and to make appointments thereto;

(xii) to undertake research projects on mutually acceptable terms and conditions;

(xiii) to provide consultancy services;

(xiv) to frame statutes, ordinances, rules and regulations for carrying out the objects of the University in accordance with the provisions of this Act;

(xv) to encourage and promote co-curricular activities for personality development of the teachers, students and employees of the University;

(xvi) to provide for dual degrees, diplomas or certificates vis-a-vis other universities on reciprocal basis within and outside the country as per instructions of the State Government, Government of India and University Grants Commission;

(xvii) to make such provisions for integrated courses in different disciplines in the educational programmes of the University;

(xviii) to set-up colleges, institutions, off-campus centers, off-shore campus and study centers, as per the instructions issued by the State Government, Central Government and University Grants Commission from time to time;

(xix) to receive donations, gifts and grants and to acquire, hold, manage and dispose of any property, movable or immovable, including trust or endowed property, within or outside the State, for the purposes and objects of the University and to invest funds;

(xx) to prescribe the fee structure for various courses from time to time as per the provisions of this Act;

(xxi) to demand and receive the payments of such fees and other charges, as may be specified, from time to time;

(xxii) to seek collaboration with other institutions on mutually acceptable terms and conditions;

(xxiii) to determine salaries, remunerations, honoraria to teachers and employees of the University in accordance with the norms, specified by the University Grants Commission and the other regulatory bodies;

(xxiv) to organize and to undertake extra-mural teaching and extension services;

(xxv) to establish and maintain halls and hostels;

(xxvi) to recognize, supervise and control halls and hostels not maintained by the University for the residence of the students and to withdraw any such recognition;

(xxvii) to regulate and enforce discipline among the students and the employees of the University and to take such disciplinary measures as may be deemed necessary;

(xxviii) to make arrangements for promoting health and general welfare of the students and the employees of the University;

(xxix) to co-operate with, any other university within and outside the country, authority or any public or private body having in view the promotion of purposes and objects similar to those of the University for such purposes, as may be agreed upon, on such terms and conditions as may, from timeto time, be specified;

(xxx) to provide for the printing, re-printing and publication of research and other work, including text books, which may be issued by the University;

(xxxi) to comply and follow from time to time, the provisions of the University Grants Commission (Establishment of and Maintenance of Standards in Private Universities) Regulations, 2003 or any other regulations or directions issued by the University Grants Commission;

(xxxii) to comply with and carry out directives issued by the State Government, from time to time, with reference to above powers, duties and responsibilities of the University; and

(xxxiii) to do all such things as may be necessary, incidental or conducive to the attainment of all or any of the objects of the University.