MGM’s Meaningful Journey

Meaningful Journey : In Pursuit of Excellence

Looking back at passed years, my mind is flooded with memories. Memories of people, memories of events, memories of immense pleasure for accomplishments, memories of opportunities missed….! It all started with a simple paper of registration we got for Mahatma Gandhi Mission on 20th Dec. 1982.
1983 dawned with the vision of late Vasant Dada Patil, the then Chief Minister of Maharashtra, to liberalize Technical Education and create competent manpower for growing industrial needs. We wanted to share his dream and establish an engineering college at Aurangabad in the memory of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, architect of modern India. Dada promised us to give the college, and asked to complete the procedure. A bank guarantee of Rs. 20 lacks was a million dollar question for us. I ran from pillar to post but in vain. My elder brother Baburao asked me to put a word with Sharadraoji Pawar. I was embarrassed, but ultimately dared to ask him.
He asked me to come to Pune, next morning. We reached. He took us to the Bank of Maharashtra and introduced to the Chairman Mr. Patwardhan and requested him for the bank guarantee to MGM to start an engineering college at Aurangabad. The Chairman offered us a cup of tea. Sharadraoji asked “How long it will take?” “Before the last sip of tea” said Chairman.Before the last sip, bank guarantee was in my hand. For me, heaven was conquered. Today MGM has spread her wings to go global. More than 3,00,000 alumni, of almost all faculties, passed out from MGM are engaged in great task of building nation. Thousands are working abroad to serve the borderless world.
In journey of last 37 years MGM has reached from an Institute to an University and in more than 60 institutes more than 1,00,000 students are shaping their future.
Had the helping hand of Sharadraoji not been there, our dream would have never seen light of the day.
Dreaming is my hobby. My elder brother Baburao Kadam is put to the task to transform my dreams into reality. For last thirty seven years we are working together. My job is easy. He has to work round the clock.
In early days of MGM, Late Kalayanraoji Patil former state Home Minister and the then secretary of Vivekananda College, provided roof to JNEC in his college. We cannot forget his generous help to MGM in hour of need. Our friends Vijay Anna Borade, Bhausaheb Rajale, Sudam Appa Solunke, Pandurang Solunke, Janardanrao Solunke, Avd. S.K. Kadam stood by us and contributed in development of MGM.
Late Principal Gangadhar Pathrikar, former Secetary of MGM, was pillar of our strength. His capacity to conceive and complete the projects was impeccable. His untimely death has created a vaccum that will never be filled.
Principal Pratap Borade sacrificed his career in industry and accepted the Challenge to build a nascent institution Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College (JNEC). He is associated with JNEC right from his inception. Today JNEC is known by his name. He nurtured, and developed our flag ship institution at par excellence.
Dr. P.M. Jadhav and Dr. Sudhir Kadam sacrificed their medical career in U.K. and joined Mahatma Gandhi Mission to serve the poor and needy. I am proud of their dedication services for noble cause. Dr. Nitin has built the reputation of MGM’s New Bombay Hospital, Vashi as one of the ten best hospitals in Mumbai. His dedication and hard work is praiseworthy. Ujwal Kadam is a silent worker, he thinks coolly and gives correct advice in hour of need.
The contribution of Shri. N.B. Kulkarni towards documentation and legal aspects of the trust has been of immense value.
Dr. Geeta Deshmukh joined MGM in 1984. She is a grand mix of art and academics. As an excellent teacher, research scholar and administrator, she has raised MGM’s College of Engineering at Nanded and Noida as Centres of excellence. Her initiative made us possible to enter into many academics and industrial collaborations including IIT’s & prestigious US Universities. In recent

past MGM alumni spread and settled in US felicitated her at various places to express their deep sense of gratitude and affection for their teacher. More than anything else she cares to nurture human relations.
Late Dr. A. M. Ware former dean of MGM Medical College Aurangabad, an awardee of ‘Best Teacher’ of Maharashtra State was an able administrator, teacher at par excellence and strict disciplinarian. He laid foundation of MGM Medical College Aurangabad on strong footing and developed it as an institute of repute.
In Dr. Ravi Bapat, we have found an eminent Vice-Chancellor, renowned surgeon, academician at par excellence and a noble human being. The destiny of MGM University is safe in his hands.
Prof. Hira, Pro Vice Chancellor of MGM Health University is an eminent scientist. He has published more than 200 papers in International Journals. He has many patents to his credit, and his research on AIDS is accepted at International level. MGM University is fortunate to have his guidance in research and development.
In extention of Health services for rural poor, Dr. Amrutwar worked with missionary zeal. many patients are operated and treated in MGM Hospitals. He believes “Those who serve the poor, serve the God”.
Foundation of MGM Sangeet Academy was laid by the auspicious hands of late Padmashree Shankar Bapu Apegaonkar. He introduced us to the world of music and spirituality.
Ms. Parvati Dutta, Director of MAHAGAMI, is an eminent artist in Kathak & Odissi. Disciple of Padmavibhushan Pandit Birju Maharaj & Padmashree Madhavi Mudgal, she has taken MAHAGAMI to new horizons getting International recognition and membership of UNESCO’s International dance council. It is specially appreciating that she has done this maintaining the intense value based training of Gurushishya Parampara. The campus got a touch of Art. It started pulsating with rhythm & music.
Our Chief engineer N.K. Jivrag built MGM in real sense. Every brick in MGM campus is laid under his supervision.
Col. Gokul Inder Dev gave his green Midas touch to our campus and we are surrounded with beautiful gardens.
I have introduced a few Jewels in crown of MGM, but I am aware that thousands of visible and invisible hands, brains and hearts are working with commitment to fulfill the dream of Mahatma Gandhi Mission. I cannot name all, but my heart beats for them.
On this auspicious occasion I express my deep sense of gratitude towards the parents for having reposed their confidence in us. I am thankful to all our students who gave us an opportunity to shape their future.
It is said, the destiny of a nation is forged in her class rooms. Dedicated teachers do this task. We are privileged to have a team of committed faculty who have put in their lives for cause of Mahatma Gandhi Mission.
I look at them with hope, to meet challenges of the future.
In a quarter of century, we have come a long way, now our eyes are tucked to the dream of Mahatma. His lifelong dream was “Wipe every tear from every eye” He lived and died for it. Yet the task is not complete. His dream remained unfulfilled. Poverty, Hunger, Disease, Exploitation of the weak and poor, Social discrimination have been ever increasing, all eyes seems to be flooded with tears. What is to be done? With whatever little strength we have Mahatma Gandhi Mission is committed to fulfill his dream.